Banksta Bernank takes ‘questions’ from the leashed hounds we call the free press 2:15pm EST

Update: 3:56pm EST: Oh did I say Gold was at 141522? It is now at $1529.40 SLV $48.10 Oil $113. USD down, down, down 73.30. Equities continuing to mainline from the punchbowl Bernanke is clearly not taking away. DOW up 101.15. The TBTF Bankstas are gonna ride the USD right into the ground if TPTB let them.

Update: 3:08pm EST: Foreign Presse France asking about the concerns many nations have about the results of the Fed actions on the sovereign currency..cough, cough, Now Ben spinning the Geithner STRONG DOLLAR TOTAL BS LINE.

Reagan and Clinton had strong dollar in my lifetime. No one else. Hey they had that super growth thing too didn’t they? Don’t try telling the Ivy League Economics Club that though.

Update: 3:06pm EST: An hour in and another nominal record for Goldilocks~ $1526.20. Yowsa. Ben has used the buzz words ‘transitory, moderate’ to describe inflation so many times I would have alcohol posinoning were I playing the drinking game.

Update: 11:08am AZ Time– GOLD at $1522.80, USD at 3 yr low as Ben takes stage.

ZeroHedge will be liveblogging in case ANYONE asks a REAL question.

I would ask:

Ben do you like the American Middle Class?

What purpose does the Middle Class serve in the American economy?

How has QE and ZIRP ‘helped’ or ‘harmed’ the Middle Class?

If the Middle Class is the largest % population in America, doesn’t your dual mandate for full employment/stable prices apply to this population cohort above all others?

Is it your intention to drive down wages for the Middle Class while allowing prices of food and energy to continue to spike year after year, all while claiming there is no inflation?


PS- Why did the Federal Reserve bailout QADAFFI and leave the American Middle Class to twist in the wind?

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Update 4: Passes with 59 GOP votes against, including Dave Schweikert AZ-05, thank you Dave!!; Only $350 Million in actual cuts!?

Update 4: 4/14/10 2:23 pm: Crapulent deal passes 260-167 with 59 No votes from the GOP. Our wonderful new Critter, Dave Schweikert AZ-05 voted No.

Thank you Rep. Schweikert!!

Roll Call of vote here. Thank your Congressman (or un-thank them whatever the case may be!)

Update 2: Okay, your shout-out is retracted Speaker! What the hell is this?~- CBO says it is actually only $35oMillion, yes M, Million in actual cuts?? You are fxcking kidding right?

AP at HotAir has it:

So to sum up: In less than a week, we’ve gone from $61 billion in cuts to $38 billion in cuts to $15 billion in real cuts to $352 million in deficit reduction this year, which is less than one percent of the number agreed to in the budget deal. I can’t help but suspect that tea partiers might feel a tad … antsy about that trend….

I called Dave Schweikert AZ05 asked him to vote no and tell the leadership to Get Serious.


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Mitt Romney – full speech at CPAC

Romney GETS IT on the economy. He GETS IT on American exceptionalism. And he loves America (always a plus in our POTUS, eh?)

Courtesy of Freedom’s Lighthouse, who notes:

More News and Video:

NOTE: This video opens with Ann Romney’s introduction, followed by Mitt Romney’s speech, which begins at the 2:40 mark of the video.

2/11/11 – Here is complete video of Gov. Mitt Romney’s speech at CPAC today in Washington. Romney was introduced by his wife, Ann, who said she would like to see her husband lead America “as President of the United States.”

In his speech, Romney repeatedly hammered President Obama for his failed economic policies, and declared that American jobs will not return through “new rhetoric” from Obama, but only when America has a “new President.” Romney also spoke at length about America being an “exceptional” nation that has been blessed by God, and will continue to be so if we adhere to the founding principles of our nation.

He outlined the ways America has sacrificed so much to bring liberty and hope to the rest of the world, and then said “I will not and never will apologize for the United States of America,” unlike President Obama.

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Calling All Angels ~ Freedom of Speech must not be a price paid for the Tucson Tragedy

Update: Sarah Palin has released a Facebook video addressing the attack and the reaction to it by the media. As usual, she has articulated what the majority of Americans are feeling (as evidenced by the CBS polling).

I have been waiting and praying and hoping the leadership of the country would not allow this tragedy to devolve into calls for ‘toned down’ free speech. If speech has to be measured by the standards of the MSM in the past few days, it most certainly will not be ‘free’.

The person who committed these crimes, which invoked terror in the community and the country, does not appear to be motivated by anyone or anything other than a severe illness.

If he had proclaimed a motive like those espoused by Charles Manson or the Son of Sam, a Beatles song and a dog being their ‘motives’, it still would not justify the limitation of free speech in this country.

Gabrielle Giffords read the First Amendment on the floor of the House days before the tragedy and the words of the founders will survive any assault, not matter how brutal or senseless.

Because it was senseless, the MSM and politicians, including the Sheriff of Tucson, should feel ashamed of the way they are responding to the attacks.

In the seconds and minutes, hours and days following the attacks, the people of Tucson, and Arizona and America are coming together in acts of heroism, and in prayer.

That is what our leaders should be doing as well.

God Bless the victims, their families and friends, and God Bless the country.

As Speaker Boehner said this morning, we will come through this, we always do and we always will.

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Welcome Speaker Boehner! Go Away Pelosi, far, far away…

Update: Boehner full speech and swearing in courtesy of

Jeebus I thought she would never shut up….

God Bless Speaker Boehner and the new Majority of the 112th Congress, may you have the courage of your convictions, and convictions that are unshakeable in the face of the D.C. Machine. Stick to the Constitution, it will never steer you wrong.

For those Critters about to rock, we salute you~

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AZ Election Results ~ Release the Snoopy!!!

The Be the Wave Tsunami was VERY REAL in AZ!!


Republicans sweep statewide races in Arizona

Nationally, Democrats suffered disaster in the general election. In Arizona, it was even worse.

Republicans poised to gain supermajority control of Legislature

Republicans rode a tsunami of voter discontent to wrest away seats from Democratic members on Nov. 2, likely increasing veto-proof control of the two chambers of the Legislature.

Schweikert wins CD5 rematch with Mitchell

David Shweikert won his rematch with Democratic U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell, taking back one of the GOP’s most coveted seats of the election cycle.

AZ looks like a real sweep for the GOP!!

State Legislature heavily GOP now~

Jan Brewer wins Gov~

McCain wins Senate~

AZ-05 DAVE SCHWEIKERT WINS!!!!WOOT!!!!!11!!  by over 10%~ 15,000 votes!

Prop 106 Health Care Freedom ~ not calling it yet but 72% Precincts in ahead 55%/45%

Prop 107 Banning Affirmative Action passes 60%

Prop 113 Protecting Secret Ballot passes 61%

Prop 203 Med Marijuana tied right now 50/50

Kirkpatrick lost her seat, Quayle won his race, McClung is close to Grijalva but Giffords is holding on against Kelly

The rest of the statewide races are a sea of red

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Hitler finds out Hillary supporters are voting GOP – Rush Operation Reverse Chaos

This is great right up until the last line. Hillary is a firm supporter of Israel. Haim Saban noted the tragedy for Israel when Obama was ‘selected’ over her.

Mashup by XAngel228

Hitler is an avid Obama supporter, and while try to strategize for the midterms, he is informed about Rush Limbaugh’s Rever Operation Chaos which is for Hillary 2008 Supporters to either not vote, or vote GOP as to make a statement against Obama.

Needless to say, this doesn’t make Hitler very happy.

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