Tea Party Patriots: United Health Group joins the protests as Dems open ‘harrassment audit’ on insurers…

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Finally. Sadly it took a direct threat from Waxman with his demands for proprietary information from the insurers to get many companies to realize their very existence is on the table now. AmericanPharma is deluded if they think they will be left alone and the deal they cut will be honored….

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Disclaimer I have United Health through a group employer plan and I love it and my mom has it on an individual plan and she loves it too.

Update:  Politico is pushing United to disclaim everything, it has put out a statement. Basically United is not telling employees to go to Tea Parties, it is however outlining their position in case some do attend:

The United Health Group, a major insurer seen as playing the politics of reform better than most, is denying a report that it directed its employees to attend tea parties opposing the Democratic plans.

The insurance giant, with about 75,000 employees, confirmed another element of the report, however: That its employees’ talking points include opposition to a public option for health insurance.

TPM reported yesterday being told by a source that the company’s operators were directing  employees to protests against administration plans.

A spokesman for United Health, John Parker, flatly denied the anonymous source’s characterization.

“That’s absolutely categorically wrong,” he said. “We have never encouraged our employees to attend Tea Parties. The information we provide our employees is publicly available information about town halls sponsored by members of Congress…. The links that were provided [in the report] are not links that we provide.”

Parker said the company’s stance is “extremely neutral,” and provided the talking points circulated to employees, which advocate the insurance industry’s basic stance: An openness to “bipartisan” reform, but staunch opposition to a public plan...

United Health Group:

Health Care Modernization Talking Points: (continues after the break)



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