BP Oil Spill: Frustrated Parish President says ‘no leadership..no action..permit for barrier being held’ as disaster washes in with the tide…

Courtesy of BayouBuzz:

After BP oil has been found in the marshes of the parish, a frustrated Louisiana Parish President, Billy Nungesser, is interviewed after a press conference at Venice Louisiana on May 23.

Nungesser, in responding to questions from Bayoubuzz.com said the U.S. Coast Guard Commandant, Thad Allen, could step up take better control of the oil spill operation which has resulted in oil-affected lands.

Nungesser criticized Allen, a top BP official and others. He said something stinks, claimed that they were told to hold that permit up for some reason in referring to an emergency permit to build a barrier. Nungesser also said, its criminal, they ought to go to jail. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE.

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