Update 12: Economic Action Alert: Blue Dogs roll over: Waxman-Markey Climate Carbon Cap Bill headed to House floor today: Call Your Critters…

Update 12 Rep Michelle Bachmann R-MN on Levin now, says Boehner stopped talking and Pelosi is headed to floor. Bachmann says that the bill contains provisions imposing the California building codes on the entire country, no quesitons asked…Good Gawd Almighty!

Update 11: Minority Leader John Boehner is trying to hold it back, he has unlimited speaking privileges and is reading the 300 pg amendment on the floor.FILIBUSTER!!!..MM is covering it

Mark Levin just read of some things in the bill and OMG!

You CANNOT SELL YOUR HOUSE until it passes an energy efficiency inspection!!

Great news for housing market eh? WHAT UTTER MAROONS!!!

Keep calling!!

Update 10: MM is live blogging the action on the floor:

4:22pm: Shadegg presses on access to bill at desk again. Chair says clerk is “integrating” pages of bill.

Rep. Bilbray: The biggest threat to environment is the smoke coming from the backroom deals surrounding this bill.

4:48pm: GOP Rep. Tom Price asks for moment of silence for all those who will lose their jobs under cap and trade. Heh. Request denied.

Rep. Pence: We can stop this bill. We can do better. And we must!

4:53pm: GOP Rep. Barton refers to suppressed EPA Carlin report. “The science is not there.”…

Update 9: Finance Ranking Member Spencer Bachus R-AL speaks against the subsidies to FOREIGN derivatives market that is created in this bill:


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McCotter Iran Floor Speech: “Her Name was Neda”

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DOW closes down 380…Misery Loves Company…a toast for all the Homeowners of America….

First the clip of Kanjorski I mentioned earlier is up! from Pelosis youtube channel no less

And a toast for all the homeowners under water b/c a bunch of maroons thought they were real estate kings and tanked the housing market…We wait with bated breath for a HOUSING PLAN from our sooper geniuses,

MiM raises a glass to all of us, may the housing values rise to meet us and the wind be at our backs, heh the good news is our Congress Critters are awake and asking questions..bad news is Treasury and Team Obama  are verrrry slooooow rolling out the housing plan perhaps due to this increased attention…

anyway for America after another day being told both that its a damn crisis AND that they have no plan for banking or housing ready yet, I say it’s Miller Time..its a heartache counting on politicians I should know better by now….oh good GAWD now a newsflash on CNBC XM SIRI talking about CH 11, FRAK! Well that’s another loss on the ole tax return,  and the hits keep comin!! sing it Bonnie!!


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