RIO WINS!!! CHICAGO ELIMINATED IN FIRST ROUND!!! WOOHOO!!!Update 7:IOC Video Presentations; Lula says yes we can Brazil!

Update: Remarks from the WH after returning from Copenhagen:

Update: Victor Davis Hanson neatly encapsulates our thoughts on how hypocritical it was for TOTUS to try to take the games from Rio in light of his constant harangues on America:

1) Obama’s brand is trans-nationalism and an “America is not exceptional” multiculturalism. According to his worldview, it makes sense that a South American country — especially a powerful, ascendant country such as Brazil — should at last have its turn at hosting the Olympics. It did not seem consistent that a politician who had reached out to the Castros, Chávez, Morales, and Ortega, in parochial fashion, would lobby for his own hometown over a “yes, we can” Latin American initiative, especially one involving an exciting city such as Rio…

TalkLeft says Chicago spent 50 Million on the bid! WAY TO GO THERE MAYOR DALEY! How many JOBS could have been created with that money? unreal.

12:51pm EST: RIO WINS!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS RIO AND SOUTH AMERICA!!! Hope to see you in 2016!!

Uhm someone tell Jarret and Daley to go round up the Obots in Chicago they are still standing there LIVE on Fox holding Chicago 2016 signs up, lol and dont worry anyone who is sad America will have the games again as we have had 7 times already..(note- N America has had them 7 times, USA 5)


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Santelli: Geithner Is “Lying To The American Public”…We Go to Rio…

6/2/09 – CNBC’s Rick Santelli on monetizing debt in the United States.

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Rickster is of course absolutely correct, as they say Old School, we need Palm Trees on the trading floor now, as we have gone South American with our purchase of our own debt….I cant find Pablo Cruise but here is Peter Allen/Hugh Jackman …

When the Fed buys debt I go to Rio…De Janeiro…..

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