Twofer Tuesday: Toy Fair 2010 – Star Wars – Hasbro – Vintage Collection Returns

Oh I am so buying some of these, especially the ships…back in the day I kept getting Ballerina Barbie when I wanted the X-Wing and Tie Fighters…

Courtesy of ENI

Courtesy of CollectionDX

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The Empire Strikes Back!!!…Thain says Lewis knew all….

Update: 11:48am EST: And they’re off!!!!  BofA releases a stmt claiming Thain and Merrill Comp Cmte made call on y/e bonuses., reported live on CNBC…this after the FT report yesterday that BofA  had input into those bonuses..

a real pixxing match going on here folks..BofA claiming they had no legal right to challenge the bonus decisions? I say Ken Lewis is on his way out….(PS Charlie Gasparino is once again displaying his lack of uhmm couth on CNBC interrupting everyone to say he knows all..again…Kudlow says something important here, LEWIS BOUGHT COUNTRYWIDE yeah remember that???) To MiM, it looks like BofA is rebuilding in the image of CITI (which failed-hey maybe that’s their plan to be too big to fail…)..

Oh it is getting good now. If I weren’t a frakin shareholder I might even enjoy the drama of it all…

John Thain, erstwhile CEO of Merrill and former CEO of NYX and COO at Golden Slacks, has struck back at one-sided reports leaked by Ken Lewis over at BofA suggesting Thain pulled the wool over his eyes pre merger..


This is not only high drama it is a metaphor for the shift in our economy…a head to head matchup b/w commercial banking heavyweight Ken Lewis and the welterweight of Wall St, John Thain..and don’t evah forget Thain is a Golden Slacks alumnae, that makes him Golden donchaknow…in Vegas odds I give it to Thain…

Bank Of America Personnel

had this been Jamie Dimon going up against Thain, then I would have said hands down Dimon wins it….but Lewis doesn’t have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ of Jamie…Lewis is still on his way OUT as CEO..believe it…

The media has attempted to cast Thain in the role of poster boy for Wall St malfeasance, and that expense report on his office didn’t help, even Obama mentioned it for cripes sake..yeah methinks Thain is pixxed and not going down alone..


CNBC Maria Bartiromo got an exclusive interview with Thain, we will post linkys as available, Thain also wrote a memo, the ultimate tool in CEO Jousting..the MEMO!!

He said he had been “completely transparent” with Bank of America and pointed out that the acting chief financial officer of his businesses had been Bank of America’s chief accounting officer.

“They learned about these losses when we did,” he wrote. “The acting CFO of my businesses was Bank of America’s former Chief Accounting Officer. They had daily access to our (profit and losses), our positions and our marks. Our year end balance sheet target (which we more than met) was given to us by Bank of America’s CFO.”

Read The Memo here:

To my Merrill Lynch colleagues:

It has been an honor to lead this company over the last very difficult year. The decisions that I made were always with the best interests of our shareholders and employees above all. I believe that the decision to sell to Bank of America was the right one for our company and our clients. While the execution has been difficult, I still believe in the strategic rationale of the transaction and I wish you all the best for the future of the combined companies.

I want to address several topics that have been inaccurately reported in the press. The first issue is our year end bonus payments. Our 2008 discretionary bonus pool was 41% lower than 2007. The size of the pool, its composition (cash and stock mix), and the timing of the payments for both the cash and stock were all determined together with Bank of America and approved by our Management Development and Compensation Committee and our Board. The total bonus pool was also substantially less than the amount allowed under our merger agreement.


The final topic is the expenses related to my office. The $1.2 million reported in the press was for the renovation of my office, two conference rooms and a reception area. The expenses were incurred over a year ago in a very different environment. Nonetheless, they were a mistake in the light of the world we live in today. I will therefore reimburse the company for all of the costs incurred.

I thank all of you for your hard work and your support over the past year. I wish you all success in the future.


Can anyone accurately guess the price of that parchment trashcan?? If you said $1,200.00 you win!!!

Hey I’m a shareholder don’t I even get any TURTLE WAX???

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Get What You Need….

There was a definite lesson and pattern from the universe visible in the political world this past week…some grasp the lesson and ‘bloom where they’re planted’ and some pixx and moan and miss the point and any opportunity to be productive or happy ….a-hem….I am learning and some truly incredible individuals like Hillary are demonstrating the way it’s done…the Stones say it in a way I totally dig :0)

The Secret of Gratitude, something like that, the serenity to know what can be changed, accept what can’t, give the universe your all wherever it puts you, the way of the water, deep stuff like that….the universe rewards those who embrace what life gives them the way Hillary does…yep…

Love ‘The Big Chill‘, one of our all time favorite films… trivia, Lawrence Kasdan also wrote what Lucas film….The Empire Strikes Back and Jedi! oh snap! and the good Indiana Jones films as well…his name should be celebrated more methinks….Hey you can even apply the lesson of Kevin Costner whose role in the Big Chill was totally cut in editing (he was Alex whose funeral we see), but Kasdan then cast him in the lead in Silverado as recompense which launched his career in I think, a bigger way, he owned that role in Silverado….bloomin where you’re planted..kewl..

anywho… embracing where we are and what we are given while we can, a lovely and I betcha,  fulfilling, way to live….

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