BREAKING: NY Fed Chair Stephen Friedman Resigns Effective Immediately…

One less Golden Slacks Bell to Answer……

Breaking CNBC Chyron

Friedman, another Golden Slacks Alumnae was just named to replace Timmeh..

Sadly Stephen seems unable to comprehend VIRTUE OF CAESAR’S WIFE is necessary in this role..

He was buying stock in GS after it was approved as a bank holding company yada yada

Kudlow has been ALL OVER this

Kudos to Kudlow..heh I like the sound of it..

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Happy New Year!!! Big Dawg & Hillary to ring in New Year in Times Square…

Some of us at MiM are unabashed Clinton kool aid drinkers, a-hem. Some of us sigh bravely when a Clinton makes a speech because we know we will hear how glorious it was for days…and they are really really good and all of us here did do really really well with Big Dawg in office, and Hillary does know everything about everything or will find out if she doesn’t, a good quality in leadership…’you know’? ….

APTOPIX Democrats Unions


With the news Hillary and Bill are ringing in the New Year live in Times Square we expect to hear a lot of singing around here for the next few days…God Bless Everyone, Have a Healthy, Happy New Year!!!


*******You BETCHA We’ll be singing!!!!!********

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