Mega Rock Fest ~ ‘Coachella for Boomers’: McCartney, Dylan, The Stones, The Who, Neil Young, Roger Waters

How did I miss this?!


Tix not on sale yet, whew!. But hotel rooms are going fast!!


…Goldenvoice, the company that organizes the Coachella Music Festival, is planning a three-night event at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California. The concert would feature Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones on the first night (October 7), Neil Young and Paul McCartney on the second, and the Who and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on the third. …


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Twofer Tuesday for Dem Congress ~ 19th Nervous Breakdown / Get Off of My Cloud – The Rolling Stones

Hope you have booked moving vans Democratic CongressCritters, there will be a supply/demand price increase NO DOUBT since SOOO MANY of you are getting a one way ticket home (not that any of you understand basic economic theory).

Maybe once you get home, you can try to GET A GRIP, BUY A FRAKKIN CLUE and GET TO KNOW YOUR CONSTITUENTS since you CLEARLY were NOT INTERESTED in what we thought, felt, wanted or needed while ramming through Obama legislation that has strangled our economy and our freedom~

PS Get the hexx off of our cloud!

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Rolling Stones unaired ’72 cut ‘Plundered My Soul’ released…


Courtesy of legacied:
My slide-show of The Rolling Stones from 1971 to 1972, highlighting the promotion of Sticky Fingers, the making of Exile On Main Street and their American Tour 1972


A Rolling Stones song recorded in 1972 and forgotten for decades was released Saturday in a limited edition for Record Store Day in Britain.The day, which began in 2008 in the United States, celebrates independent record stores.

The Stones recorded “Plundered My Soul” for “Exile on Main Street,” the BBC reports. The song did not make the double album but was rediscovered recently when the group prepared for a reissue of “Exile.”…

Lyrics after the break:


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