It’s that time again!!! Simpson’s ‘Treehouse of Horror XX’ airs Oct 18th…

My favorite 🙂

Variety has the inside dish on this year’s Treehouse of Horror:

…The first segment, an homage to Alfred Hitchcock with a lot of references to movies like “Strangers on a Train,” is extremely clever, containing all sorts of stuff that’s too good for the kids to appreciate. (Remember, those who were in middle school when the series premiered are in their 30s now, so its audience cuts across a wide swath, to say the least.)

The next two installments — one loosely derived from “28 Days Later,” and reasonably gruesome, which is quite a feat for animation — are considerably less effective, including a stage show complete with musical numbers….

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Update: Monorail!!Iowahawk: The 2012 Pelosi GTx SS/RT Sport Edition…

Coast to Coast monorail thats the ticket!


By Iowahawk :)by way of HA!)

…”a brief reminder that I’ve been expecting this for some time. Video from December 2008, based on a November Iowahawk post. Worst part of having a prophesier’s curse: it doesn’t work on the lottery.:”

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Gordon Brown to G20: Spendaholics of the World Unite!

Somebody save us from these loons, they are spending us ALL into the next millenium..they want GLOBAL bankruptcy apparently to ensure no one can recover..

Now that TOTUS has his budget to bankrupt us for generations sailing along nicely, he is off for the second leg of his Grand Tour in which he and Gordon Brown convince the rest of the industrialized world that they too can make friends and influence people, if they just keep spending…

WTH is wrong with these people?


A draft G20 communique shows Britain wants the group of leading economies to pledge $2 trillion in stimulus when they meet in London next week, German magazine Der Spiegel reported…

In the draft communique it cited, the magazine also said the $2 trillion was in brackets, showing that it is a proposal by G20 president Britain that has not been approved by the broader group. Der Spiegel said the draft stated the stimulus would boost growth by 2 percentage points and employment by 19 million….

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who will host the April 2 summit, has said he expects world leaders to do “whatever it takes” to create growth and jobs when they come together.

The draft cited by Der Spiegel includes the following pledge: “We are determined to restore growth, resist protectionism and to reform our markets and institutions for the future.” It continues: “We believe that an open world economy, based on the principles of the market, effective regulation and strong global institutions, can ensure sustainable globalisation with rising well-being for all.”

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AIG, A Farce in Three Acts Continues: Dodd says Obama Officials told him to put in bonus loophole…

Who knows who will end up under the bus in this latest installment…

the maroons at the WH seem to be trying to hang Ben out to dry on this (they soo out of touch, TOTUS is in SoCal doing William Jennings Bryan-esque speeches for fraks sake), this while the market is praising Ben’s leadership with today’s FOMC move (see Ben the Bold), and all America feeling tight with Ben after 60 Minutes..

if anyone needs to be the scape goat it is Timmeh. who wrote the crappy bailout as head of NY Fed and Dodd isn’t going down quietly either….

So we have Geithner, Dodd and who next to complete the Three Little Maids From School, Gilbert & Sullivan number? At least make it entertaining if we all have to suffer..

Courtesy of AmorediPazzia

Three Little Maids From School Are We’
Joan Sutherland Ella Fitzgerald
Dinah Shore (1963)


In a stunning development, Sen. Christopher Dodd said that Obama administration officials asked him to add language to last month’s federal stimulus bill to make sure the controversial AIG bonuses remained in place

MiM isn’t stunned. Kanjorski who discussed these bonuses with Liddy and Treasury in October isn’t stunned…only the frakkin media could claim to be stunned…

“I did not want to make any changes to my original Senate-passed amendment, but I did so at the request of administration officials, who gave us no indication that this was in any way related to AIG,” Dodd said in a statement released by his office. The nearly $800 billion stimulus bill was approved by Congress in February.

So Dodd is saying he got rolled by AIG and Team Obama, no surprises there….back to you at the WH…

The White House did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment


Hit it Sideshow Bob

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Send in the Clowns…Big Shots on the Hill….

WOTS is a trader was handing out the lyrics to ‘Send in the Clowns’ during Geithner’s speech yesterday, we couldn’t agree more….

Today the Big Shots from the financials are on the Hill before the House Financial Svcs Committee at 10:00 am EST; good luck with that y’all, I hope Maxine Waters tears a piece out of them for failing to MODIFY MORTGAGES!!!!!! watch it on CSPAN here…

Eight CEOs of companies that received the first TARP funds testify before the House Financial Services Cmte. Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) said more TARP funds won’t be available until Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and other financial companies explain how they used the Troubled Asset money.

And don’t give us that crap about how TARP money didnt go to bonuses, it is FUNGIBLE, and they havent TRACKED IT, therefore it is ONE BIG POOL OF MONEY and they HAVEN’T MADE ANY MEANINGFUL MOVES TO MODIFY MORTGAGES WITH LOWERED PRINCIPAL , does it suck, yes, does it need to be done, also yes…

PS None of them are flying in on their jets , Ken Lewis of BofA took AMTRAK!!!! The rest flew commercial BWAAAHAAAA, that won’t save them, people are rightfully pixxed MODIFY THE DAMN MORTGAGES, Barney Frank said on CNBC this morning they can give the money back with interest now and not be subject to government ROOLZ……

NEWSFLASH: I dont give a flying frak what they say anymore, we are headed for bankruptcy cramdowns b/c these maroons wont write down principal…it’s ridiculous..we ALL have to fund them b/c they can’t take the damn hit, THEY made the dopey loans dragging all of us down…eat the loss and move on…

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WOOHOO!!! Breaking LIVE on FOX

I feel like Mister Burns…:0)

CBS 13 has it

om Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Health and Human Services secretary.

That’s according to a joint White House statement from President Barack Obama and his former nominee.

Obama said Tuesday he accepted the withdrawal “with sadness and regret.”

Daschle has been battling for his nomination since it was disclosed he failed to pay more than $120,000 in taxes.

He said he’s withdrawing because he’s not a leader who has the full faith of Congress and will be a distraction.

Thank you for everyone who made calls, it really is good to communicate with your legislators and media outlets it may not always work but it adds pressure and that is all we have in a representative form of govt like we have, what with incumbents and Lordly Senatorial Tradition, IMO it is more important than evah to give feedback to your legislators local state and federal…despite the see no evil hear no evil speak no evil ‘tude of some Obots…….

if they didnt want to live by these staandards on lobbying relationships they shouldnt have made it the centerpiece of their campaign, live by the CHANGE .tm, die by the CHANGE, tm

Hey this really harshes the buzz for the one on one interviews Obama is giving to news anchors tonight to push the stimulus huh?

IMO it is damn impressive after last night’s marker they laid down, when Rockefeller, Kerry and assorted DEMS stood with Daschle at that lecturn saying the idea of health care without Daschle was ‘inconceivable’, what a difference a day makes…

I feel like Braveheart, LOL!!! This was a good victory to throw to the people by T.O. (Team Obama), I feel less wild eyed and bushy tailed about the stimulus right now..and more like getting my w2s and 1099s together to drop off at my accountant, it IS tax time starting after all…aww the pundits are SO UPSET, oh noes, wahhhh wahhhhh, BWAAAAHAAAAA!!!!

I guess the 55 page vetting questionairre missed some things, lol

okay now who can we get, NOT HOWARD DEAN, SURELY there is someone who is as qualified for this as our Hillary was before she was pushed aside by Daschle and Reid and denied any chance to work on this issue, she is working on a global level to help people get access to health care, now who can we get to help Americans get access?

DONNA SHALALA? I lurvs her…

PostScript, I have been on the warpath on Daschle, but let me say I have worked in health insurance my whole life and I have fought for UHC since 92, but Daschle was IMO a huge obstruction to the Universal mandate and Baucus felt the same way, and he should know he is drafting legislation..

the thing that really did it for me aside form the basic policy argument which is foremost;, was the interview Daschle gave Politico a few weeks ago in which they lauded his wonderful approach to health care which he and his staff described as the ABCs, Anything But Clinton.

That makes me mad enough to spit. and the CAPPER he goes to the hearing sits down and thanks BOB DOLE who is not there, BOB DOLE who blocked UHC. arrrrgggglle DASCHLES INCOMPETENCE AND COZYING UP TO DOLE and the OBSTRUCTION OF DEMS LIKE BOB KERREY KILLED UHC…and I wasn’t there but don’t tell me those Congressmen didn’t get INCREDIBLY PISSED AND ARROGANT with the VERY IDEA that a FIRST LADY was going to run policy and tell them what would be in the bill..yeah that had a LOT to do with it I am sure…..I remember the environment in the media and more in DC via the media filter then VERRRY well, it was verrry anti Hillary, they didn’t think she was classy enough, her dinner parties were too redneck, she thought she was something with her WORK in LAW, she was ‘abrasive, assertive, aggressive’ (the nicest words they used), in other words she wasn’t the old model for First Ladies…okay now I’m going all primary mode ..someone get me off this crazy segway!!!

yeah we could have done it differently,as Gibby would say,  “nobody’s perfect” BWAAAHAAAA! anyway, my Clintons (yes they are mine but I share them with America and the world) approached it as they had at the state level..but anyway Hillary has done more to promote UHC than Daschle has had free rides in limos, m’kay?

So now that the backstabbing-universal-mandate -blocking-limo-ride-taking-international -lobbying-tax-evading Hillary-bashing pinhead is gone, let’s move forward :0)/rationalization rant off

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PEBO adds Republican to cabinet: Ray LaHood R-IL gets Secretary of Transportation nod…greenies ‘weep’…

Illinois Republican Ray LaHood has been tapped by PEBO for Secretary of Transportation according to Ben Smith at Politico. Many seem appalled at the pick, and the failure to roll it out at the Energy presser, and there is apparently plenty in LaHood’s environmental record for them to complain about.  (I guess this means I won’t be getting my national monorail based on Disneyland’s layout) (warning HuffPo). I wonder how Pelosi is taking it?

This would seem to be a rather important appointment in light of the projections for PEBO spending in infrastructure, but it wasn’t rolled out with the Energy team…

Streetsblog has the scoop:

…The selection of a downstate Illinois Republican with close ties to highway lobby stalwart Caterpillar Inc. is being taken by many as a clear sign that progressive transportation policy is, for now, nowhere near the top of the Obama’s agenda.

“Obama still hasn’t made the transportation – land use – climate connection,” Petra Todorovich, director of Regional Plan Association’s America 2050 program said. “It’s clear he’s thinking about these things in separate categories.” For Todorovich and other advocates, the LaHood pick was the second shoe to drop this week. The first piece of bad news arrived on Monday when Obama trotted out his “green dream team,” his appointments to key environmental, energy and climate posts, and the transportation secretary was nowhere to be found.


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UAW Presser..Market Update: trading in the range…Bill Gross on mortgage rates…

I really don’t want Chuck Schumer, Henry Waxman or Nancy Pelosi to design my next car…do you????


The UAW presser led by Ron Gettelfinger just wrapped up. Ron noted to wild cheering the apparent double standard b/w the financial Wall St bailouts and Main St – Detroit needs, but he said (and I paraphrase), we will live with that and work under that standard. He offered to look at the contracts but not reopen them. He said if GM goes down Chrysler will go down with it. I think he made the case AGAIN for Universal Health Care, helloooo DC anybody listening?

….During its meeting Wednesday morning, UAW brass — including analysts and local leaders from across the U.S. — discussed the changes they need to make. Two major changes being voted on include scaling back the so-called Jobs Bank that pays near-full compensation to idled workers; and a move to push back the date when a new health-care trust, known as a VEBA, needs to be funded, people attending the meeting said.

The VEBA trust was supposed to begin paying health-care benefits to retirees starting January 1, 2010, but the auto makers are running short of liquidity and likely unable to come up with the billions needed to initially fund the trust….

IMO this is enough to broker the bridge loan. Congress needed to save face and the Big 3 CEOs are driving to DC as a result, they left Detroit today in various hybrids. They will get a loan, Pelosi has already buckled, (maybe her city’s desire to be the new electric car capitol of the USA and her stock investments in alternative energy firms like Clean Energy Fuels looked a tad bit disingenuous coupled with her blocking any loan for the BIG 3):

…“I believe that an intervention will happen,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, told reporters at a briefing yesterday as GM, Chrysler and Ford Motor Co. sent their plans to Congress. “Everybody is disadvantaged by bankruptcy, including our economy, so that’s not an option.”…

Hopefully it will be a small bridge loan until the new Administration comes in,.

Hey here is a task for Judas!! As Commerce Secretary mayhap that great negotiator Richardson can do something with this, he is, as Larry Kudlow noted today,  a supply-sider…

DOW trading in the range, now up 74.71 to 8493.80, NAS up 21 to 1470 and S&P up 8 to 857. The Fed’s Beige Book release is in one hour, I am looking for some action then….

Did everyone see Bill Gross this morning on CNBC? The Bond King says the 30 yr mortgage will fall to new lows and I plan to listen to him, he should know:

“The mortgage rate will come down another 50 to 100 basis points,” Pimco’s founder and chief investment officer said. “That’s basically what the government needs. They need a 4 1/2 percent to 5 percent 30-year rate in order to support home prices and, yes, to encourage refinancing and the process of reliquification within the economy.”

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