It’s that time again!!! Simpson’s ‘Treehouse of Horror XX’ airs Oct 18th…

My favorite 🙂

Variety has the inside dish on this year’s Treehouse of Horror:

…The first segment, an homage to Alfred Hitchcock with a lot of references to movies like “Strangers on a Train,” is extremely clever, containing all sorts of stuff that’s too good for the kids to appreciate. (Remember, those who were in middle school when the series premiered are in their 30s now, so its audience cuts across a wide swath, to say the least.)

The next two installments — one loosely derived from “28 Days Later,” and reasonably gruesome, which is quite a feat for animation — are considerably less effective, including a stage show complete with musical numbers….

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Update: Monorail!!Iowahawk: The 2012 Pelosi GTx SS/RT Sport Edition…

Coast to Coast monorail thats the ticket!


By Iowahawk :)by way of HA!)

…”a brief reminder that I’ve been expecting this for some time. Video from December 2008, based on a November Iowahawk post. Worst part of having a prophesier’s curse: it doesn’t work on the lottery.:”

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