Update: CBO scores Blue Dog Medicare cap – bill STILL ADDS BILLIONS TO DEFICIT..Floor vote next week -Blue Dogs rolled over already?..Health Care NOT waiting for August recess….

Well alrighty then! The sneaky attempts to give TOTUS (and his panel) control over Medicare spending (taking it away from Congress and thus from people who can be swayed by the public) and GUT benefits to Seniors STILL will not stop this bill from adding BILLIONS to the deficit according to CBO (the head of which was apparently NOT rolled by TOTUS’ oneness last week). Give that man a medal!

So they wanna Throw (Grand)Momma from the Train and it STILL will not avoid adding BILLIONS to the deficit, (that deficit, and the reality of the public’s reaction to it, of which the WH is rightfully fearful, is, in the projections they are holding back, likely MUCH MUCH higher than what they told us pre-spendulus)..KILL THIS BILL….


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