2009 MiM economic forecast: “Bearish” & the Rant heard round the world

and our FAVORITE and MOST HONEST moment on television of 2007, which told us all we needed to know about how trading in 2008 would go down:

and then Jim again gave us a heads-up; he told all and sundry, any assets you need liquid w/in 5 years, get out now, take safety, take cover, protect yourself, in October 2008. Thank you Jim.

BOOYAH CRAMER, WE LOVES YA!!!!! Stick with us Jim, cause we’re stickin’ with Cramer!!!!

From the sardonic geniuses at Versusplus, the only thing that has changed is the price of oil, we are still Bears in 09:

A musical parody of the Terry Kirkman song “Cherish,” about the turmoil in the financial markets and the prospects of a recession. For “BEARISH” and many more great political musical parodies, visit VERSUS — where politics and culture do their time in rhyme — at http://versusplus.com.

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