Twofer Tuesday: Ozzy on nukes – The Ultimate Sin album…

Since the intertubes are buzzin over Obama’s seemingly unilateral disarmament of our option to do a nuke strike on anyone who hits us with bio weapons and such, Ozzy circa 80s seemed apropos…Hillary was more my style on this issue- ‘we will wipe them off the map’ was her response on what we would do with her as POTUS if Iran launched a strike on Israel..

The anti ? nuke song Killer of Giants-

and the same album, the pro nuke as deterrence – Thank God for the Bomb! nuke ya! nuke ya!

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Stress Test Results: A Shot in the Dark….

Lies! Damned Lies and Statistics!

10 minutes to the ballyhooed Stress Tests, the results of which have already been leaked 6 ways to Sunday….

If there is anything you haven’t already heard, CNBC will cover it LIVE, and a Special Edition of Fast Money at 5:00pm EST…

PS AIG reported results MUCH worse than expectations…..

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