True Blood Season 3 Drinking Game – Premiere Tonight 8:45pm EST

Courtesy of HBO

True Blood drinking game- courtesy of Neon Fiction ~ modified for S3~{beware alcohol poisoning, don’t drink and drive and DO be responsible}

Jason is shirtless — drink
Jason is obviously gratuitously shirtless — drink two
Jason is screwing someone — drink
Jason is consumed by guilt because he finally really killed someone — drink
Jason gets insulted by Andy — drink
Jason lacks a comeback for Andy — drink
Jason manages a comeback to Andy — Celebrate! Keep on drinking!
Jason does something outrageously stupid and macho — drink
Jason gets manipulated by someone — drink

Tara cusses someone out — drink
Tara bitches about her life — drink
Tara bitches at Sookie– drink twice
Tara gives it up to Vampire King of MO — Keep on drinking and cuss Tara out.

Bill does something dorky — drink
Bill does something old-fashioned — drink and offer any guests a Fresca.
Bill says “Sook-ay” and sounds like Elvis as he does — drink twice
Bill is filled with angst — drink
Bill shows skin — drink
Bill shows fang — drink twice and remember to recycle the bottle.
Bill sinks fang  — keep on drinking

Sam pines for Sookie — drink
Sam pines for a family — drink
Sam gets a family– drink twice
Sam gets a girl– keep on drinking!
Sam gets yelled at by Sookie — sulk and drink
Sam gets yelled at by Tara — drink
Sam gets yelled at by any female — drink
Sam changes to the dog — drink
Dog changes back to Sam and we get a skin shot of Sam — drink twice and say “He’s no Jason, but he’s alright.”

Lafayette wears lipstick/nail polish or some sort of makeup — drink
Lafayette flirts with a girl — drink
Lafayette flirts with a guy — drink twice
Lafayette flirts with a VAMPIRE — drink
Lafayette trusts Pam — drink
Lafayette gets screwed by Pam — drink twice
Lafayette shows skin — drink
Lafayette puts someone in their place — drink and call your friend a hooker.

Sookie yells at Eric– drink
Sookie yells at Bill — drink
Sookie gives some love to Bill — drink twice
Sookie gives it up to Eric — drink twice
Sookie gives Eric neck — keep on drinking and take your B12 vitamin
Sookie gives it up to Alcide — drink
Sookie hears someone’s thoughts — drink and resist the urge to adjust your surround sound
Sookie wears short-shorts — drink
Sookie shows ample flesh — keep on drinking and say “I guess it’s been a long time since “The Piano” but it’s still a little weird.”

TERRY BELLEFLEUR does something endearingly kooky — drink
ANDY BELLEFLEUR gets pissed at not being taken seriously — drink
JESSICA compares BILL unfavorably to ERIC — drink and say “Amen.”
Anyone compares BILL unfavorably to ERIC — drink twice
ERIC does something to trump BILL — drink
ALCIDE does something to trump BILL/ERIC — drink
ALCIDE gets the upper hand with ANY VAMPIRE — drink twice
PAM wears dominatrix garb — drink
PAM wears a sweater-outfit — drink twice
Any VAMPIRE gets staked — drink
Any VAMPIRE gets staked and explodes on a human — drink and put on some silver jewelry
Anyone does V — toast and drink
ARLENE whines to Sam about work — drink
Any random gratuitous sex scene — drink and praise HBO
Any random gratuitous blood scene — take a big chug of the Tru Blood and praise HBO
Werewolves shows up — drink
Werewolves devour a vamp –drink
ANYONE says “FANGBANGER” — toast and drink
ANY sort of NEW FUCKED UP THING appears — Keep on drinking and praise Charlaine Harris
ANY character suffers some sort of humiliation that’s funny — Keep on drinking and praise Alan Ball

The Drinks:

Red Headed Slut ~1 part Crown Royal, 1 part Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice – mix in shaker, serve over ice

Bloody Mary ~ 1 part vodka, Tomato Juice, splash of Tabasco, splash of Worchester, a little horseradish, slice of lime – mix Vodka and Tomato Juice, and serve over ice with splash of Tabasco and Worchester. Mix in horseradish for kick, Garnish with celery stick

The Classic Vampire ~ Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Chambord. 1 part Vodka, 1 part juice, splash of Chambord.

Red Death~ Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, OJ, Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice. Mix one part of each in a cocktail mixer with ice. Strain into shot glasses, serve. (warning goes down like Fruit Punch!)

Blood Bath ~ 4 oz Medium dry red wine, one shot of Chambord, healthy splash of Cranberry juice. mix all ingredients in bartender shaker. Chill martini glass. Shake ingredients. Strain and pour.

Bloody Bud ~ Budweiser, Grenadine, Blood Orange. Pour 1/2 oz Grenadine into glass, fill with Budweiser. garnish with Blood Orange.

Vampire Slammer ~ 2 bottles Tru-Blood, 1/2 shot vodka, 1 shot Tequila, 1 glass red wine. Mix in blender, heat to 98.6 degrees over open flame, serve (not for home use!)

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