Why Donald J. Trump is already the 45th President of the United States


They had 1 chance to stop him, that was the primary and they failed.

I have *no doubt* the left will go batshxt when The Don wins in 99 days.
I expect social ‘disorder’ etc to get *worse* at first because the array of bureaucracy bullies will try to preserve themselves and make it as hard as possible to change things, even as the GOPe tries to stop him and the usual suspects are in the streets
That would work with anyone other than The Don, at anytime other than a Fourth Turning
Yes absolutely we, The Don, our whole movement is viewed as an existential threat to ‘them’ (CoC, GOPe, dims, blm etc etc) but they are viewed as an existential threat to the fabric of the nation and *we* are the response crafted by God and the Universe and the Laws of Energy and Matter and the sheer force of our BELIEF and our Will to put The Donald in and support him in what he has to do
No one else can do it, no one else couldve gotten past the GOPe CoC globalist cabal in our primaries, they threw all they had at him and *we* stood with him through it all
Anything they do now is just a repeat of all they tried (& failed with) in our primaries
If they didnt shake us from his side then, it will fail again now (and it *will* fail-spectacularly)
We are the people chosen to live through this, because we are the only ones who could do what needs to be done in putting Don in, as he was chosen to lead us back to freedom, as only he could do
Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pauses during his campaign speech to hug the American flag Saturday, June 11, 2016, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

In AmRev, the loyalists and bystanders who stood and watched but did nothing, far outnumbered the people who believed in their freedom. The people in power, their sycophants, the weak willed, the venal, the greatest army the world had known, could not stop the firmly held line of that tiny group of believers who *knew* they had right and God on their side, and all they believed in and held dear on the line, it was a Fourth Turning and it could not be stopped
This is a good period to watch our Don rallies (h/t RightSide Broadcasting), check in with Sundance at ConservativeTreehouse and hit comments at the refuge that is HotGas.net, view videos and podcasts from peeps such as Stefan Molyneaux, Diamond and Silk,  and Cant Stump the Trump among the many others, and make an extra effort to boost each other when the unrelenting tide of manufactured polls and media bullshit will be spewed at us 24/7, as an anachronistic system of political corruption and media brainwashing and globalism and neocon control over foreign policy enter the convulsions of their death throes

There was not a single solitary thing in that Dem convention for the working class. *nada* as kaine would say. Not only did they fail to move blue collar dems back to their side, they lost the most passionate of the millenials who were totally fxcked over. The media has *zero* impact on that group of voters, they dont watch tv, theyre all sharing vids of the various strongarming that went on with each other, they *all* filmed it on their ever present cellphones
those millenials arent falling under ozeros played out baptist preacher cadence and snide jabs out on the trail come october, ozero is *sooooo* over!
They will vote Jill Green party, The Don will win, we *will* have our country, our economy, our future and our children and grandchildrens futures back
Its going to be glorious, we’re almost there
Ive been rewatching The Dons acceptance speech to keep grounded and positive as these witless tools spin and spin and cast off sparks of negativity in our direction
Donald J Trump is already the 45th President of the United States and Americans lives are already better, its a very short 99 days til we reach that part of our timeline, once we’re there it will be much easier to look ahead, past the convulsions of the parts of our society that want chaos and globalism, to the peace and prosperity we, and the world yearn for
The globalists were unable to defeat Brexit on a tiny island w an insulated socialist leaning population decimated by immigration, led by fascists from afar and controlled by bankstas for hundreds of years, and they threw everything they had at it
They dont stand a chance against *us* now that we have a real leader in The Donald
The smart $$ will pull back and wait another decade and try again, you know how long term they think,
The stupid, the corrupt and the desperate will flail about starting fires and destroying innocents in their desperation to maintain the status quo
They will fail.
The history is already written, Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States, the Restoration is on its way

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