Terminator Salvation: Crusader’s Review (spoilers)

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From the Crusading Knight:


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TSCC Action Alert: There is no Salvation without Sarah Connor – Terminator Salvation

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From Schmack Productions:

Go see Terminator Salvation in theaters and save your ticket stubs.

Collect all the ticket stubs you can gather and send them to the WB with a note saying “for TSCC”

Peter Roth – President, Warner Bros. Television Group

4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank, CA 91522

For more information, go to http://www.savethescc.com/

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: German and Australian Fans and Sites Support TSCC Renewal….We Are the Resistance!!!

Worldwide Fans Baby!!!!! Take Action to Save TSCC  Today!!!


Es ist unglaublich, was die internationale Fangemeinde der Serie in den letzten Wochen auf die Beine gestellt hat. FOX hat jetzt die Möglichkeit, zwar ein bisschen mehr Geld als geplant auszugeben, aber dafür für sehr lange Zeit die Gunst der Fans zu gewinnen.

Nachdem „Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles“ etliche Wettbewerbe darum gewann, welche Serie nach dieser Season gerettet werden soll, tun sich Fans aus allen Ländern an diesem Freitag zusammen, um einen letzten gewaltigen Ruf Richtung FOX auszustoßen. Auf der Seite der amerikanischen Terminator-Wiki werden an diesem Freitag alle, denen das Schicksal der Serie am Herzen liegt, gebeten, sie anzuklicken und sich so an der Rettungsaktion zu beteiligen. Alles startet am 15.5.2009 um 02:00 Uhr deutscher Zeit.

„Terminator for Life: We are the Resistance!“ nachzulesen bei Serienjunkies

Außerdem tauchten zuletzt zwei Rettungsvideos auf YouTube auf:

One of two fan campaign videos organized by http://www.savethescc.com

Thanks to all the fans who submitted videos and a special thanks to cinebo for all of your help and for the great idea!


For information on what you can do to help, visit us at http://www.savethescc.com

Clips and music from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are the property of FOX and other related interests. No infringement is intended.

Letter Writing Campaign – http://www.savethescc.com/letter.html

Postcard Campaign – http://www.savethescc.com/postcard.html

Advertisers Campaign – http://www.savethescc.com/purchasing….

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Save TSCC Action Alert!!!


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Courtesy of cinebo

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We should be getting a decision on Season Three next week…

Last chance to pull out all the stops and get TSCC renewed!!!!

Both videos courtesy of solesverdes, created by Hector

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TSCC: No Fate: Wired: Act Today: Sarah Connor Season Three…

No Fate Baby!!!

Courtesy of Villers5

Wired has the latest (go Digg! the article!!):

At this very moment, Fox Broadcasting executives somewhere in a pre-apocalyptic Los Angeles are said to be weighing the future of the best sci-fi show on television — Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. If you’re a fan of the show, this may be your last chance to save it from Judgment Day. If you’re not a fan, keep reading to find out why you should become one.

..Which brings us to your mission: Save Sarah. Over at sci-fi enemy-blog io9, they’ve started a Flickr group featuring viewers posing with products advertised on the show, giving sponsors and executives important proof that Chronicles fans — unlike those deadbeats watching Ghost Whisperer — are willing to put their money where their eyeballs are.

* electromix by Wireless0071

You can also show your appreciation by becoming a fan of the show on Facebook, or joining all the Facebook groups dedicated to saving Sarah Connor Chronicles. And visit the Terminator wiki to learn where to address a supportive e-mail to the executives who’ve made the show possible.

Finally, if you’ve never seen the show, or gave up on it prematurely, Amazon.com has DVD and download options for catching up. Needless to say, a boxed set of Sarah Connor is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

 By rikerdonegal

By rikerdonegal

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TSCC: Sarah Connor Chronicles wins E! Save One Show Poll, Josh Friedman thanks the fans! and i09 has a way to help bring back TSCC for Season 3!!!


The Sarah Connor Chronicles won the E!  Save Our Show poll!!

Congratulations to our 2009 Save One Show winner, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

In case you don’t know, Save One Show is E!’s annual opportunity for fans to determine which TV series in danger of cancellation most needs to be saved…

..This year, in true killer-cyborg fashion, Terminator kicked ass, with 53 percent of the final-round vote. Chuck was the runner-up with 25 percent, followed by Dollhouse with 10 percent, Life with 8 percent and Privileged with 4 percent.

..When the results of your 300,000 votes came in, we called up Terminator show runner and executive producer Josh Friedman with the good news, and he told us exclusively, “I think I speak for everybody who works on the show when I say thank you to the fans for their tireless work to save our show. I think it really goes to show that there’s a really hard-core, emotional, passionate fan base for Terminator that is larger and more widespread than people give us credit for.”

E! Exclusive interview with Josh Freidman, go read the whole thing!:

Josh Friedman, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles show runner and executive producer, tell us that the latest news from the network is this: “They have given me no signs in either direction. I actually haven’t spoken with Fox in weeks. They said they’re going to make all their decisions when they get the pilots in, and I don’t think they have any of their pilots in yet. Things are just starting to come in from the other shows.”

Never Give Up, Never Give In: Definitely hang in there, fans, because Josh believes there is every hope that the show will get picked up. As he tells us about Fox’s executives and programming bosses (aka the powers that be), “They’re all people, too, and they hear what goes on [with stuff like Save One Show]. I don’t think it’s a futile effort at all for people to continue to fight for the show.”

when will we know for sure? Says Josh, “My experience with them in the past is they make their decision on the day that they have to make their decision and not a day before that.” And that day? That’s May 18, the day of the Fox upfront, so mark your calendars, Terminator fans! We’ll be in New York that day to get the word live, so check back early and often for the latest updates on Terminator‘s fate!


..We’ve started a Flickr group called “Sarah Connor Made Me Do It.” Post pictures of yourself with products that sponsored Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles there, and we’ll make sure the folks at Fox and Warner Bros. see it. (A semi-complete list of products that sponsored the show is here.) Update: Sources tell io9 the show’s biggest sponsors were Chrysler Dodge Ram and Verizon Wireless.

Bonus points if you manage to look like a Terminator or a future Resistance fighter holding a Mountain Dew bottle or Dove Bar.

You can also buy some of these products and send them to Fox or Warners at the addresses here, with a note saying “Sarah Connor made me do it.” And as always, if you do write to either studio, please make sure your post is respectful and non-psychotic. Do it for Sarah Connor!…

*Created by EclectikEdit

Music vid dedicated to cast and crew of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles, featuring a track from the late great George Harrison. Hoping we see a third season with this wonderful cast.


List of TSCC Product Sponsors for Flickr Campaign after the jump:


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TSCC Terminator Producer Talks Sarah Connor Chronicles…

oh awesome!!! Here are two sites to add to your links for scifi/fantasy tv and film….and a kick axx interview with AEM of TSCC….


Via Mania.com:

Fans of sci-fi genre television seem doomed to experience rough rides on primetime networks these past few years. While some series build enough of a niche audience to survive the ratings wars, a lot fall through the Nielsen cracks. From Fox’s “Firefly” being pushed around from the beginning to ABC’s “Invasion” getting the axe to “Jericho” being pardoned only to be summarily executed a year later, there’s no shortage of genre downfalls on the major networks….

…Those cancellation reports have been coming for this particular series for sometime, with EW’s Michael Ausiello adding weight to them, when he reported that the show was leaving the airwaves because the sets were destroyed. At the time, this seemed to be a cause of alarm for fans that yet another one of their genre series was fading into TV oblivion. But if you caught the season 2 finale, you would have seen the real reason the sets were destroyed. Obviously the writers and producers couldn’t respond to rumors before the finale or they would have ruined the surprise.

But they can certainly speak out now. …

Patrick Sauriol has The Exclusive Interview at CoronaComingAttractions,  (go read the whole thing!):

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has taken pause after ending the season on a high note, leaving fans to speculate and wonder where a third season could take them…. If you are reminded of Battlestar Galactica that’s alright because The Sarah Connor Chronicles is proving to be cut from the same quality of cloth as BSG. Simply put, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is one of the best series on TV right now that you should be watching….


…Fox reveals whether The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed for a third season on May 18, the day it announces its fall schedule. Shortly after the airing of the season two finale I had the opportunity to talk to Ashley Edward Miller, one of the show’s co-producers and co-writer on several episodes….

One question from the interview explains the string theory premise behind the show:


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