Update: Dr Horrible Part Deux!: Dollhouse cancelled: FOX to air all 13 episodes

Update: News on Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog Sequel at end of post!


Stars Tahmoh Penikett (left) and Eliza Dushku (right) with creator Joss Whedon.


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Update: FOX Exec Preston Beckman agrees he is an a**hole; TSCC – the machine aspires to be human; Dollhouse – the human is reduced to a machine


Update: 10/16 SciFiWire picked up one of the THR Beckman quotes around the Dollhouse 13 episode pickup I had not seen before.

So word from Joss is that prxck Reilly (who hated TSCC and made nasty comments about we TSCC fans at the announcement it wasnt being picked up) called Joss with the AWFUL rating of S2 premiere and the first thing he told Joss was Dont worry we are airing all 13. Yeah cuz Reilly clearly has a hard on for Dollhouse and hated TSCC.

Could not be more crystal clear. But in case it wasnt Preston admits he is an axxhole and whines about Joss fans giing him shxt. Frak the studio execs, they suck.

(…)”If you cancel it, you’re an asshole; if you renew it and then don’t put it back on, you’re an asshole,” he said. “I’m still paying for ‘Terminator.’ ‘Dollhouse’ has a small rabid fan base that in the world of social media seems bigger than it is. We gave them another season knowing full well we were going to burn in hell if we pulled it.”

Great comment on SciFiWire from a fan:

By ants97 at 1:48 PM ON 10/16/09

you see that excuse would actually hold some credence if they hadn’t cancelled tscc which gained better live numbers, better dvr numbers, better dvd sales and has a much larger and more rabid fan base than the 5 dolhhouse guys over at whedonesque. I mean would the dollhouse fans hire a mobile billboard or cinema screen time to get their show back on the air, no they’ll go and re watch tru calling. No it’s all down to the fact that dollhouse is now dirt cheap to make and fox had no other shows to air on a friday as seen by the 2 comedy shows dollhouse has been paired with. The fans excuse is just a pathetic attempt to garner favour with the sci fi community after it lost them after cancelling firefly and tscc amongst others. When they cancel fringe this season let them see what pathetic excuse them come up with for that one.

I want my TSCC.


Yep. TSCC all the way baby. As the Cameron/John storyline became more romantic, FOX seemed wigged by it, but they clearly have no problem dressing a grown woman as a Barbie and making her a personal robot. Huh.


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TGIF!!! TSCC style…

Creation of fan wprisonlovem

Download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/cd468j

IPOD format: http://www.sendspace.com/file/um993g

And the Crusading Knight is BACK!




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TSCC : Back then & A Message to Chinese Fans….

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Sadly it looks like SciFi is not a go :0( maybe reruns, Craig Engler at SciFi was fabulous about it, total antithesis of how FOX and reilly in particular treated our efforts:

  1. Received a very nice note from TSCC fans this morning: http://www.savethescc.com/s…about 7 hours ago from web
  1. I have to say, TSCC fans r great and I’ve enjoyed talking with u all the last few weeks. It’s been a pleasure. U r a smart, dedicated group!1:06 PM Jun 1st from web
  2. TSCC fan update: While we have a great deal of respect for the show, economically it’s not feasible for Sci Fi. Sorry gang. Thx 4 ur notes1:01 PM Jun 1st from web


我的名字是aelysian ,我是www.savethescc.com 的主持人。

我只知道一點中文,因此我用谷歌(Google)的中文翻譯, 所以我希望您能瞭解這章文。

每個影迷都是非常重要的。  無論身在何處,所有的影迷需要團結集體努力支持電視公司繼續 播送這個電視 節目.
我們希望能找到和我們有共同興趣的Sarah Connor Chronicles 影迷, 願意與我們一起合作,以促進這電視節目.

因此,如果在這互聯網有任何能瞭解並願意用英語與我們聯絡的中國影迷, 請與我聯繫: moderators@savethescc.com

我們需要你的幫助將我們的通訊翻譯成中文, 並上傳到互聯網.


*Created by WPrisonLoveM

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Your Geek News: Terminator Salvation review (spoilers)

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From YourGeekNews:

We both loved parts and hated parts; we both thought parts were bad ass and other parts had no balls at all… only problem is, we’re not totally in agreement on which was which.
This isn’t exaclty a film series that prides itself on continuity, but still, as Terminator fans, but after 25 years of Terminators, we have a certain minimum expectation. What did you think? Give us your thoughts on McG’s attempt to bring the Terminator franchise a new direction!~Matt + Nat

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TSCC – Sarah Connor Badass Promo – You are the Resistance!

By SchmackProductions http://www.savethescc.com/

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T4 Salvation Premiere and interviews of The Cast

From terminatorwikifox

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TSCC Action Alert: There is no Salvation without Sarah Connor – Terminator Salvation

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From Schmack Productions:

Go see Terminator Salvation in theaters and save your ticket stubs.

Collect all the ticket stubs you can gather and send them to the WB with a note saying “for TSCC”

Peter Roth – President, Warner Bros. Television Group

4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank, CA 91522

For more information, go to http://www.savethescc.com/

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