Twilight: Eclipse 10-second trailer

full trailer releases manyana…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sara Stewart parses the clip for us:

01: Bella and Edward embrace in a field. Is this the same field where they once lay on the ground and held hands as a chaste metaphor for sex? Forks, Washington is a small place, so we’re going to assume yes.

.03: Edward tells Bella to consider “the consequences of the choice you’re making.” That choice being, as “Twilight” readers know, to become a creature of the night like him. Which he’s going to fight her on, big time.

.04: Obligatory shot of the woodsy Pacific northwest — looking considerably brighter than when Catherine Hardwick shot it for the original, depressive “Twilight.”

.05: Jacob, shirtless. Chris Weitz, who also directed the ridiculously successful “New Moon,” knows not to mess with a good thing. Plus, Taylor Lautner worked really hard for those abs — let him have his moment.

.08: Jacob tells Bella he’ll fight for her “until your heart stops beating.” It’s been pointed out that this sounds kind of like a veiled threat. But no: he’s referring to her vampiric aspirations — meaning, once she becomes one, her heart won’t be beating anymore.

.10: Bella leans in, looking an awful lot like she’s going to kiss — Jacob? OMG!


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