Housing/FinReg: $1B for Federal Bridge loans for unemployed homeowners – HEMAP

We covered the HEMAP plan and Barney Frank’s push for it. It was added  to the FinReg bill. It is absolutely the case that unemployment is driving housing defaults now and that the HAMP program does not help the unemployed, despite UE lasting for close to 99 weeks in most cases, the debt levels of those in default are just too high.

Barney Frank and Team Obama’s larger housing vision seems to be centred on a transition to Section 8 status for a majority of the foreclosures FAN FRED FHA are taking onto their books.

It began with FAN Deed4Lease program under which homeowners rent their homes back from Uncle Sam. And the Section 8 roll out is already underway and by the time we get 6 months into ’11 when Timmeh claims we will have an outline for their plan for FAN FRED FHA, it will be a fait accompli.

The problem I have with all these plans is the  g-d lenders who brought this tumbling down skate away with the taxpayers forced to eat the FAN FRED FHA losses which, don’t kid yourselves will be $1trillion easily IMO.

The $400B dollar scribble- It was DEMOCRATS who went apoplectic yesterday when the big banks called them wailing over GOP Rep Jeb Hensarling having penciled in FAN FRED as ‘financial institutions’ under the FinReg draft on banks paying to wind down big financials that fail. They FREAKED OUT at the THOUGHT of having to pay for the GIANT SMOKING CRATER THEY CREATED. And the Democrats ran to help them avoid that fate, leaving it ALL on US, the taxpayers.

It seems to be the end of the residential housing market as we jave known it. Frank is constantly stressing his affordable rental housing schtick nowadays.

If this helps some families get past the transition, it seems overall a small price to pay at $1B, the $85b in HAMP seems to have done absolutely nothing, worse than nothing the extend and pretend has been a PAINFULLY slow tearing off of the band aid, and we are only halfway through the process.But families be cautious, don’t put yourselves Back on the Chain Gang before next year, housing prices are still cratering and when Uncle Sam is done I don’t know what value the homes we are holding may be worth.

Who the hell knows. And IMAGINE what this will do to RENTAL HOUSING PRICES. Landlords will be competing with Uncle Sam setting ‘fair rental rates’ GOOD GAWD!

And that assumes we get some spending restraint and just restraint in general from the Congress and a new POTUS in ’10 and ’12. Let’s hope there is a housing market left to rehabilitate when we get there.

The shxtty part is again they added a tax to pay for this newest $1b program. Had they done HOLC but noooooo. Credit Suisse couldn’t have that! frakkers.

Why the hell not use the $$$ sitting in the HAMP TARP fund? That is how the funding was originally proposed. Frank tried also to use repaid TARP funds for this. Now it is funded by a bank tax IOW passed on to us in fees, shxt! Good Gawd Almighty what don’t they understand about no money left in the till..


Unemployed homeowners will be able to tap $1 billion in federal bridge loans to pay their mortgages, under a deal worked out by congressional negotiators in financial-overhaul legislation.Under the program, people who cannot make their mortgage payments because they are ill or out of work would get a stopgap loan from the government.

House members fought for $3 billion in such loans, but ultimately settled for $1 billion as negotiations ground on into Friday morning. Both chambers of Congress must now approve the deal worked out by the negotiators.

Joblessness has eclipsed risky mortgages as the biggest driver of U.S. foreclosures. Meanwhile, the rules of the Obama administration’s foreclosure-prevention effort make it difficult for the unemployed to get loan modifications under the program….

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Housing Update: Barney Frank (D-MA) to introduce bill to use 2b in repaid TARP to loan to unemployed homeowners to pay their mortgages..

Well WTH don’t they just let the banks keep all the damned money then? I mean fer real! What skin do the banks have in this merry go round game? We give them TARP, they don’t lend it out, they don’t sell off the toxic MBS, they don’t modify the mortgages.

They pay back some of the TARP and now Frank wants to give it BACK to the same banks that are NOT REWORKING THE DAMNED MORTGAGES. To ‘loan’ it to unemployed homeowners to do what? GIVE IT TO THE BANKS! They plan to ‘loan’ us the taxpayer dollars we already ‘loaned’ the banks? WTH kind of ponzi scheme are they running on the Hill??

I don’t want a check I want a frakkin JOB!!! Maybe if they stop spending money we don’t even have yet we would see some damn JOB CREATION! Jeebus.


House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank said he plans to introduce legislation next week to steer $2 billion in rescue funds repaid by U.S. banks to foreclosure relief for unemployed workers.Funds from the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program should be loaned to Americans without jobs and at risk of losing their homes, Frank said today in a telephone interview. Frank has said the program will be extended beyond its December expiration for foreclosure relief and to help community banks.

“We have a new wave of foreclosures coming not from people who got loans that they shouldn’t have gotten, but people who got loans that they clearly could afford but prolonged unemployment has put them in a tough situation,” said Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat.

U.S. job losses accelerated last month and the unemployment rate reached the highest level since 1983, the Labor Department reported Oct. 2, signaling a recovery may be slow to develop. Properties entering the foreclosure process rose 18 percent in August from a year earlier, data provider RealtyTrac Inc. said.

Frank is FINALLY going to begin looking at, you know, JOB CREATION!! In January he says, let’s hope it is not Keynes he is looking at, I cannot believe it but I want supply side tax cuts, lol. More after the break:


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