BBR: Update: Wyden’s Middle Way…Health Care: House Proposes New Payroll Taxes, Value Added Tax, to fund health care bill….

Bumped: Now that CBO scored the Kennedy draft, the Wyden Bennett bill is getting a chance, here is video from 2 months ago and a WSJ piece up TODAY!

Update: WSJ has an excellent interview up with Ron Wyden D-OR, who has what sounds like a FABULOUS proposal that will address many of the issues we have without taxing us to death or rationing our care, please go read it!

…less-radical approaches, like the one Mr. Wyden is co-sponsoring with Utah Republican Bob Bennett. “The country has bailout fatigue,” Mr. Wyden explains. “The Congressional Budget Office said our proposal was budget neutral in the short term and that it would essentially start bending the cost curve downward in the third year.”

…the Wyden-Bennett Healthy Americans Act relies on the private insurance market while imposing a series of regulations to squeeze savings from the private sector. It also requires individuals to buy coverage for themselves, the controversial “individual mandate.” The idea, Mr. Wyden says, is to harness the Democratic desire to get everyone covered to the Republican interest in markets and consumer choice.

..I think the way to go,” Mr. Wyden says, “is with a generous deduction that sends a market-oriented message.” He says that means that, if you shop carefully for your health care, you’re going to get your taxes cut.

The typical family of four spends about $13,000 a year for their health care for the year, he says. In the Healthy Americans plan, they set the deduction at $19,000. “If you get a deduction of between $17,000 and $19,000 for a middle-class family of four . . . [that] now spends $13,000 on health care, we’ve got a chance to give millions of people . . . more money in their wallet because they got a chance to shop in a new system driven by informed choice and financial incentives to make those choices.”


…And Labor? Unions have every right to bargain for the best possible package, he says. “But nobody, be it a CEO or a labor [union] member ought to be getting what amounts to gold-plated coverage with the tax subsidies paid for by somebody who is a modestly compensated woman at a small business who doesn’t have a health plan.”

Sounds like Wyden and Bennett have a feasible answer to the issue, I am letting my Critters know I support it :0)


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Republicans outline health plan – Alex Isenstadt –

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Megan McArdle: Health Care Cost Containment is the Laffer Curve of the Left..

Go read the whole thing:

…I’d say we have substantial empirical evidence that we are not going to control the health care cost inflation which is busting Medicare’s budget, much less the new costs the administration is planning to add.  We have been trying to control health care costs since the 1970s made it clear that Medicare was going to get really, really expensive.  And any idea that you care to name, from comparative effectiveness research to healthcare IT to preventive medicine . . . these have all been on the table for more than thirty years, under one name or another.  They haven’t happened.

The answer that those promising magical cost reductions need to ask is “Why haven’t they happened?” and “What has changed to make them feasible now?”  But when I ask this question, I get angry demands that I put forward my plan for cost control, rather than merely critiquing everyone else’s.  This seems rather like demanding that I put forward my design for a perpetual motion machine before I am allowed to point out problems in the US energy market.

They haven’t happened because lobbying groups put the kaibosh on it, and so will patients and physicians and facilities who spend billions covering uninsured at Uncle Sam’s request already, namely Baby Boomers who are about to see their Medicare bennies GUTTED under Team TOTUS’ proposed 600 Billion in cuts..they won’t stand for it and I don’t blame them. They are trying to redistribute health care as they are housing and transfer payments…take bens from the elderly and give them to the uninsured/underinsured. That is not the way to go and it will not succeed…it will be another house of cards to come tumbling down later…

To those who say, pretty reasonably, “Why not demonstrate that you can control these costs in Medicare before asking us to believe you can do it with a broader program?”  the response is something like a snapped, “But I don’t want to just control Medicare costs!  I want universal coverage!”  Ah.  Well, Republicans don’t want to maximize tax revenue; they want to cut taxes.  This does not make their now-deliberate wishful thinking any prettier.  Nor obligate the rest of us to fulfill their desire at the expense of sound budget policy.

Both Medicare cost control and Republican tax cuts are like the Red Queen’s strategy in Alice in Wonderland:  “Jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow, but never jam today”. They promise sweeteners to sell their favored policies, but when the day actually arrives, time and time again we’re left holding an empty jar….

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Nancy Pelosi on Raising Taxes and Taxing Healthcare Benefits: Everything Is on the Table

MAC was going to make health benefits taxable AND give us ALL a 4k tax credit to pay for them, these guys not so much….This will hopefully be the only time I am forced to put MSNBC’s Ed Schultz’ mug on this blog….from the NRCC:

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Keith Hennessey on the Draft Health Care Bill…Adds Medical Advisory Council…kills self-funded plans for small business…requires ‘children’ be covered to age 26 under parents plan…

Keith, via Glenn at Instapundit:

Over the weekend a draft of Senator Kennedy’s (D-MA) health care bill leaked.  After playing with Adobe Acrobat, here is the text of the draft Kennedy bill as a text file (173 K), and as a single Acrobat file (3.4 MB).   Unlike the leaked version, both of these are searchable.

…Here are 15 things to know about the draft Kennedy-Dodd health bill.

  1. The Kennedy-Dodd bill would create an individual mandate requiring you to buy a “qualified” health insurance plan, as defined by the government.  If you don’t have “qualified” health insurance for a given month, you will pay a new Federal tax.  Incredibly, the amount and structure of this new tax is left to the discretion of the Secretaries of Treasury and Health and Human Services (HHS), whose only guidance is “to establish the minimum practicable amount that can accomplish the goal of enhancing participation in qualifying coverage (as so defined).”  The new Medical Advisory Council (see #3D) could exempt classes of people from this new tax.  To avoid this tax, you would have to report your health insurance information for each month of the prior year to the Secretary of HHS, along with “any such other information as the Secretary may prescribe.”
  2. The bill would also create an employer mandate. Employers would have to offer insurance to their employees.  Employers would have to pay at least a certain percentage (TBD) of the premium, and at least a certain dollar amount (TBD).  Any employer that did not would pay a new tax.  Again, the amount and structure of the tax is left to the discretion of the Secretaries of Treasury and HHS.  Small employers (TBD) would be exempt.
  3. In the Kennedy-Dodd bill, the government would define a qualified plan:
    1. All health insurance would be required to have guaranteed issue and renewal, modified community rating, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime or annual limits on benefits, and family policies would have to cover “children” up to age 26. (more…)

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Update: Scroll Down for update: Megyn Kelly Shouts Down Bernie Sanders On Dem-Only Nationalized Healthcare Plan…0 GOP invited to summit

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Clip courtesy of mghoft:

“Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer reported on the Democrat-only meeting with President Obama on the nationalized healthcare plan they are planning on ramming through Congress.”

Bernie is VERY CONCERNED that he be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that there is NO PLAN.

this is part of Daschles book on how to ram through health care with no debate or dissent, dont reveal the plan until the vote, HA! frakkers..

I want my pap smear, NEVER thought I would have to demand a pap smear,  sheesh am I right ladies, least favorite thing about being a woman? pap smears and mammograms

but ya know UK wont pay for them  the way we do as part of routine care, cost control….

Hey nitwits on the Hill! You cant work we GEN Xers until we are 85 unless you give us our damned hip replacements- Bernie I am talking to you!

Update: In the clip, Bernie makes a lot out of the high administrative cost of benefits in CA, staying it is a rip off. Maybe he should consult with an insurer before he makes these invalid assumptions. no doubt they were briefed by the SEIU at the ‘summit’ lol.

As someone who spent 20 years in various aspects of medical insurance, the bulk of it in claims processing, let me attest to the fact that the reason it is much more expensive to adjudicate medical claims for CA insureds is the incredible number of state mandates on benefits in CA.

For example, I have worked in situations where we had to set the software up to kick out virtually every CA claim for manual adjudication, because the software cannot handle the multiple state mandates, eligibility and timely processing edits on auto adjudication.

It is a well known pearl of wisdom among health insurance workers who are in the know, to live in CA if you plan to have a baby since their maternity leave is the best, the same thing is true of their state mandates for health care and benefits. A person has to manually look at most of their claims, well woman exams are different there, pregnancy is different there, pre existing is different there, anything they could think of to legislate they did and continue to do

No doubt that is one reason why CA is broke…do they not realize the same economic motivations that would impel a business or a person to move in to or out of a state, ie tax rates, regulation, ALSO impel people to move to a state for better Nanny benefits? again no doubt why CA has such a large drain on its social is basic economic theory and human behavior…

To quote Field of Dreams, If you cover them, they will come…

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Update: The GOP Plan: Rep. Paul Ryan: House GOP Health Care Plan: Patients’ Choice Act


Update:  RCP The GOP Plan presented by Coburn, Burr, Ryan and Nunes:

Frankly I really like it and I am damned picky about health care reform:, Think what an amazing day it is when the GOP is proposing health care reform that incorporates the basic tenets to ensure consistent coverage with automatic enrollment and access to Congress’ plan as well as bypassing the dreaded McCarran Ferguson Act which prevents interstate federal regulation, allowing interstate policy purchases woohoo competition baby

and they eliminate the dreaded pre ex limitations. We have won a major battle to get coverage expanded by virtue of this proposal itself and frankly in our current financial situation this plan covers the immediate needs and does not cost us trillions of dollars we simply do not have….and anyone who thinks Dems in Congress and TOTUS will put thrpugh a public option are smokin rope, they will kill it; trading it away for nothing at the last minute, and say they tried!! boohoo,  leaving us with the private carriers getting a bunch of new enrollees and premiums and a govt panel to run it all like an HMO-

Remember the stories on 20/20 the HORROR of patients in HMOs denied an MRI and dying, denied EXPERIMENTAL NON FDA APPROVED treatments and people were outraged, now our own govt is preparing to act as an HMO and deny us coverage,

go Google that new Colonoscopy Scan they have that Medicare just denied coverage for…now that procedure will not be done in volume, and progress will not happen, the price will not drop, the technology will not be pursued, the cost containment method of funding health care expansion as proposed by Team TOTUS will kill genetic single person cure developments etc..

Highlights of the GOP Legislation – Patients’ Choice Act (if you like it Call your Congress Critters):

  • We have introduced a comprehensive health care reform bill, the Patients’ Choice Act that, we believe, will bring us far closer to the goal of universal coverage than the Obama plan. Our bill, in specific legislative language, does the following:
  1. we would shift health care tax benefits to individuals and families in the form of a “Medi-Choice” tax rebate worth about $2,200 for individuals and $5,700 for families. Under our plan, if you like the health care you have, you can keep it – but you’ll have more money in your pocket because you will still receive a tax rebate.
  2. The Patients’ Choice Act lowers health care costs and insurance premiums by more sensibly caring for those with chronic illnesses and those deemed “uninsurable.”
  3. In addition to innovative prevention initiatives, our plan utilizes risk adjustment mechanisms and other options at the State level – such as reinsurance and risk pools – to extend coverage to those with chronic medical conditions.
  4. we recognize that markets can’t solve all problems. That’s why our bill prevents cherry picking – when insurance companies choose to cover only healthy patients – by equalizing risk across insurance companies and reversing the perverse incentives that leave those most vulnerable with the fewest options.
  5. Our bill creates voluntary state-based solutions – state health exchanges – that will offer health insurance benefits using the same standard used for Members of Congress. Every American would have guaranteed access to coverage and care under this plan, regardless of patient age or health history.
  6. And to ensure that states get to design the solutions their patients need, states would have the freedom to form voluntary pooling arrangements with other state exchanges to diversify risk pools, ease administrative burdens and cover costs for insurance.
  7. We also provide simple new opportunities for automatic enrollment to help people who need coverage
  8. We remove the stigma from Medicaid recipients and give them the ability to purchase the health coverage and care they need from any provider. We preserve Medicaid for the blind, aged, and disabled and we eliminate widespread fraud in the programs. We do all this and still save states and the federal government about $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years.

COSTS excerpt:  our bill accomplishes these goals without spending any new federal money, or raising taxes. If this sounds too good to be true, we would note that the problem in health care is not that we don’t spend enough, but that Americans aren’t getting enough value for their dollars. On a per capita basis, America spends nearly twice what other industrialized nations spend on health care yet we are hardly twice as healthy.

House GOP leaders to unveil alternative health care plan

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*Rascals courtesy of conkyjoe:


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Health Care Update: Senate-House Deal to block filibuster of health care & student loan changes….

(If you want an unbiased view on health care reform, do not read anything MiM writes on it. It pushes all my buttons and it is like being back in the DEM primaries for MiM)

TV ads featuring “Harry and Louise” helped defeat the Clinton health plan in 1994. The ads were funded by a group of insurance companies who feared they would be cut out of the market by larger firms

Here Team Obama IOWA press team makes sure the early press coverage for that primary presented Hillary’s American Choice plan as BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT , if you watched TOTUS’ carbon producing jet fueled to IOWA speech on energy this week you heard him thank all the IOWA state officials who worked on his campaign back in the day, yeah can you even stop laughing that this GIGANTIC GOVERNMENT EXPANSION is a result of them scaring Democratic primary voters about Hillary making government bigger? BWA FRAKKIN HA HA HA

I thought without Hillary to divide us all in her divisive dividing divider way, all would come together as a united majority and pass NON MANDATED Obama health care?

Yeah not so much, all that bashing Team Obama did on Hillary was BS utter BS. They are NOT all coming together at the table to bravely find new ways to give health care to all Americans after all…

They are using reconciliation to ram through budget changes and blocking filibusters..The Harry and Louise-esque ads Obama ran during the primaries were a crock, he is doing health care via rationing  through comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness studies and laying a  frakkin cap and trade carbon tax that will squeeze the last breath of life from the middle class Joe Biden claims to defend….

this is pitting middle class workers against the poverty stricken. The poor will get energy grants via LIHEAP, the big corporations who lobby for face time with TOTUS or Rahm will get carbon waivers and stick the middle class with the tab..

I won’t lie the Harry and Louise ads Team Obama ran and the virulent misogynistic anti Hillary anti Clinton rage in the Obots really made me hate that campaign, and to see the hypocrisy now is just frakkin sickening…watch the HillaryCare bashing Obot pundits rave about how wonderful TOTUS health care is now as they set up a CMTE of government nitwits to decide who can live or die and get a stent..Hillary wanted to give everyone access to health care Obama, like Teddy Kennedy,  wants to level society and doesnt care if the middle class gets denied expensive treatment if he can have his legacy…..Hillary really cared

And now the rats want Health care, Harry, Louise you are on your own

I got the mailers in AZ, He did it, period. and HRC kicked his axx in OH, yep.

and the NAFTA Goolsbee flipflop came true didn;t it? Obama is NTO opening NAFTA…


Passage would be particularly difficult under normal Senate rules, which would require support from 60 senators in order to block a likely filibuster delay from Republicans. And many Republicans are already threatening to filibuster, especially if the legislation creates a public health plan that competes with private insurers. Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.) is hopeful of reaching bipartisan accord on health. But if he fails, the just-negotiated budget would allow Democrats to overcome a filibuster because it puts health care under a procedure called “reconciliation,” which protects it from procedural delays and means it requires just 51 votes to pass.

Democrats currently have 58 seats in the Senate.

The compromise budget also includes filibuster-proof protections for an Obama plan to overhaul student-loan programs. The proposal would cut back on federal subsidies that now go to private loan companies, and would steer the money instead to direct assistance for needy students and others going to college.

The fact that WaPo hired Ezra Klein to write a column says it all, part of the JOURNOLIST Health Care Push…

Krauthammer (WaPo):

…The hard part is Medicare and Medicaid. In an aging population, how do you keep them from blowing up the budget? There is only one answer: rationing.

Why do you think the stimulus package pours $1.1 billion into medical “comparative effectiveness research”? It is the perfect setup for rationing. Once you establish what is “best practice” for expensive operations, medical tests and aggressive therapies, you’ve laid the premise for funding some and denying others….

The more acute thinkers on the left can see rationing coming, provoking Slate blogger Mickey Kaus to warn of the political danger. “Isn’t it an epic mistake to try to sell Democratic health care reform on this basis? Possible sales pitch: ‘Our plan will deny you unnecessary treatments!’ . . . Is that really why the middle class will sign on to a revolutionary multitrillion-dollar shift in spending — so the government can decide their life or health ‘is not worth the price’?”…

Here is Mr Glad Hands talking to the AFLCIO on single payor care

Here is Hillary standing up and speaking out for health care in 1994 when it was really unpopular in LEFTY OBAMA LOVIN Seattle, huh? tsk tsk leftys wonder where Obama was? Oh yeah dont ask or you will get kicked off a campaign, ask Bob Johnson…Hillary has always fought for us….now we will get it with NO CHOICES, JUST CARBON TAXES

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