Update: V kicks ratings axx! 13.9 million watch premiere; NY Times ‘brutally slams V’; Chicago Tribune today “V Aims at Obamamania”; Executive Producer of V fired: replaced by former Chuck producer..

Above the post update on premiere ratings from SciFiWire:

V became the highest rated sci-fi premiere of the new fall TV season after 13.9 million people watched the pilot episode last night, according to preliminary ratings. That number is still subject to some change, but it looks likely that this will be the biggest show to debut at 8 p.m. since another ABC sci-fi series, Lost….

Second Update below

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11/1: Original V marathon on SciFi channel now!


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‘V’ : NYC don’t be worried by the giant red V appearing in the sky Friday…

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a giant frakkin ‘V’! It is a promo for the new ABC series!! And ABC was nice enough to notify New Yorkers (unlike Nobel prize winning TOTUS and the AirForceOne flyby incident).


To promote its new alien-invasion series, ABC is recreating the shock of something inexplicable appearing in the skies over New York.

Starting Friday, the giant red letter V — written by skywriting planes — will begin to appear over New York landmarks like the Statute of Liberty, the network says, to promote “V,” a remake of the 1980s miniseries, that begins next month.

…ABC won’t specify which landmarks will be getting the giant V treatment, but it will go on for several days, it says. New Yorkers can expect to see the sky graffiti overhead early Sunday and again on Halloween.

Using skywriting is a natural fit for the series, which is about spaceships simultaneously appearing over 29 US cities, marking the world’s first encounter with an alien race. The V stands for the series’ alien Visitors, who are promoting a message of peace through sharing advanced technology.

But some people begin to suspect that the Vs are hiding a malevolent agenda including an FBI agent (played by Elizabeth Mitchell from “Lost“) and a news anchor (Scott Wolf, “The Nine“).

Oh noes!! They are only going to air 4 episodes before going on hiatus?? Are they TRYING to kill the show? Sigh.

..Four episodes of “V” will air this year before it goes on hiatus, returning early next year…

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“V” promo 4; V Premieres Tuesday, November 3rd 8/7 C

Courtesy of KryptonSiteNetwork

Back in August MiM was concerned when word leaked that ‘V’ production had gone into hiatus that the reason might be that the idiot network might be trying to de-Obamify it. That is, take out the elements that are (for the network and Obots) probably very uncomfortable. This being the HOPEY CHANGEY PEACEY lies by the aliens. Well, you cannot take the lies out of the aliens in ‘V’. Let’s hope they leave it alone and let it rise or fall on the ratings without tampering with it….

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More trouble for ‘V’: only 4 episodes to be shown this year…

Oh noes!!! It looked fabulous! WTH are they doing with it?! Maybe they are trying to make it less like the Obamification of the world, lol. You can’t it IS like the Obamification of the world! Everyone I talk to is psyched to see it!! What are they doing?! (Second thought- is there some sort of Joss Whedon/Rebel without a Cause ‘curse’ on the actors and such?! lol ie baccarin, glau, fillion, we cannot catch a break for these guys! our shows get cancelled.. )

SciFiWire has the scoop courtesy of Variety:

ABC is only going to show four episodes of its V remake this year before taking the show off the air until spring, following a complete halt in production earlier this year. ABC says the other nine episodes will eventually be shown, but TV insiders are apparently telling Variety the series’ 13 episode order might get cut down:

Decision to launch the show with a four-episode sampler led to rumblings Thursday night and Friday morning that the show’s episodic order had been reduced – something both ABC and producer Warner Bros. TV vehemently denied. Show will still produce 13 episodes this year, they stressed.

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‘V’ Sneak Peek – Series Premieres 11/3


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‘V’ production takes 2 week ‘creative hiatus’…

Oh I hope all is well in V land. IIRC they were doing re editing and re shoots of the pilot after it was screened at SDCC 09, but now they are on a two week hiatus so they seem to think they have an issue someplace….our previous posts on V here and here

Extended Pilot preview courtesy of KryptonSiteNetwork


…Joseph Adalian at The Wrap reports:

ABC’s buzz-heavy new fall drama “V” is taking a two-week creative hiatus.

Warner Bros. TV has decided to temporarily shut down production on the alien invasion series, with filming scheduled to halt next Wednesday, a studio rep confirmed exclusively to TheWrap. Because “V” doesn’t premiere until Nov. 3, the move won’t impact scheduling of the series or ABC’s ability to air the six episodes it’s planning for the fourth quarter.

The studio wouldn’t discuss the specific reasons behind the move, saying only that the shutdown was designed to boost “V” in the long-term.

WBTV wants to “take advantage of our November premiere to maximize creative opportunities and deliver the audience the best show possible,” a Warners spokesperson said.

People familiar with the decision indicated the hiatus was put in place so that writers would have time to beef up future scripts and bring them in line with the quality of the pilot, which has been getting good buzz from bloggers and critics since a successful screening at Comic-Con last month.

read the full story

I loved the original ‘V’ …

Courtesy of bunnine

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