Fantasy: Sherrilyn Kenyon – Fear the Darkness DH short story…

New Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter short story now available, (and see her DH site for Acheron and the DH Guide)

Dark Hunter free short story .pdf, Fear the Darknesshere

See the complete Dark Hunter listing  at The Good, The Bad, The UnRead

SK also writes as Kinley MacGregor, I love those novels as well, Lairds with supernatural powers and such, Arthurian Alternate Universe….

Lords of Avalon is also available in graphic art novel form..

Courtesy of MajorSpoilers:

Adapted by ROBIN FURTH
Pencils & Cover by TOMMY OHTSUKA

From the internationally #1 bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon comes the next explosive volume her fans have been begging for. Varian du Fey is a man caught between the battle for humanity and our survival. The illegitimate son of Lancelot and an evil Adoni who serves as Morgen le Fey’s right hand, his loyalties are split. If that wasn’t enough to ostracize him, he is also the assassin for Merlin in a war that has spread through time and dimensions. Now he is forced to choose once more between walking the path of darkness where he would be king or doing what’s right– stopping Morgen le Fey’s army. The only problem is a small, cursed woman who has promised to deliver him to his enemies and one he has sworn to protect. His quest for honor will either be his ultimate salvation or the death of the entire world of man.
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99


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