Dragon*Con 2009: Patrick Stewart – X-Men, ST:TNG and more…

Sounds like we will get to see Magneto (Ian McKellan) and Xavier together again!! Coolio!!!

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Godot arrives!! Citi Pops on 326b deal; Waiting for Lefty: Obama advisers say tax rollbacks may wait..

UPDATE 3: 7:00am PST: CITI package announced, shares jump:

The government agreed to invest $20 billion in Citi and to guarantee as much as $306 billion of Citi’s troubled assets in a deal reached Sunday. The deal also gives the government control of executive bonuses, and limits dividend payments.
“The U.S. government’s creative ring fencing of Citi’s $306 billion in troubled assets is a strong positive for the system and for Citi shareholders,” Morgan Stanley analyst Betsey Graseck wrote in an early Monday morning research note.

CITI ask is now $6.00; DOW futures up sharply on the news, up 122 as we get ready for the open…a presser later this morning will confirm the appointment of Tim Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury and Larry Summers as chief of the POTUS Council of Economic Advisers…..

Watch CNBC LIVE reports from Asian markets here

UPDATE 2: 7:50pm EST: As predicted, CITI is hurting Australian markets, and their regulators are ready with a response, I hope we have a deal announced shortly before we hit the Asian markets:

Australian funding costs rose after last week’s plunge in Citigroup Inc. shares sparked concerns about the fate of the company and its $2 trillion of assets.

The rate Australian banks charge each other for three-month loans rose 3.8 basis points to 4.47 percent at 10:07 a.m. in Sydney. The difference between that yield and the overnight swap rate, a measure of funding scarcity, rose for a fifth day, adding four basis points to 55 basis points, the highest since Nov. 6. The measure averaged 11 points in the five years to July 1, 2007.

The Reserve Bank of Australia pumped A$3.27 billion ($2.1 billion) into the financial system today after estimating the shortfall would be A$3.65 billion. Banks on Nov. 21 reduced deposits held at the RBA by A$317 million to A$3.9 billion, the central bank said today on its Web site…

UPDATE: 7:00pm EST: Bloomberg is reporting a deal of some sort has been struck at CITI with some form of government guarantees…


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