WATERLOO!! Super Tuesday III Trump To Victory: PA CT MD RI DE Vote!!

Bring it on home PA!!!!


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Putin Schools Obama….

BWAAAAHAAAA!!! TOTUS met with Putin and Jim Jones told Major Garrett the majority of them meeting consisted of Putin giving TOTUS a long lecture on the history of the Cold War (we know how much trouble TOTUS has with history)..BWAAAHAA FRAKKIN HAAAA!!!!!! Oh man,  that’s just classic Putin aint it?

I can just see Putin, gettin his KGB on -‘Let me teach you a thing or two you naive little celebrity’…

Here is another clip with Major and TOTUS, wherein TOTUS dodges answering Major’s question on whether TOTUS’ comment last week that Putin still has a foot in the Cold War is accurate, notice also how TOTUS cant give America credit for a damned thing, not for ending the Cold War nuthin. TOTUS wants to lay it at the feet of Eastern European dissidents alone (no doubt he considers himself their ‘ilk’ like they are all community organizers), well no shxt but without Reagan BACKING UP POLAND and others it would not have happened..and we know how supportive TOTUS has been of Georgia, and Poland and Czech Republic (selling out on missile shield and telling all parties to be calm and that BS when Georgia was invaded) and look at his bravery in standing up for the people of Iran….yeah not so much…. PFFFFFFT! I am fer shure no foreign policy expert but I know weakness and Naivete when I see it and so does Putin…..

Here’s one for Putin, an ABBA fan we hear:

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