President Obama at the White House Correspondent’s aka Pravda Dinner….

Look AP Jennifer Loven finally got to dress as she dreams for TOTUS….lots of funny lines, the line about Hill hugging him after going to Mexico was LOL, but right before that he was an arrogant tool comparing hillary to Arlen Specter, uhmm nothng alike there TOTUS, and Hillary did win more’s the pity……he says Hill told Arlen if you cant beat em join em..of course TOTUS tells people if you cant beat em change the roolz, cheat, and use your press tools to seek and destroy…..

The last 5 minutes are a treat in sarcasm altho’ he is serious, all about the importance of the free press to America…

He bashed Larry Summers very hard—twice

I see Rahm is sitting next to Jim Cramer….probably holding him hostage no wonder Jim has been so easy on him since Stewart ..heh

He bashes FOX, Glenn Beck raises his glass to toast as the only table who did NOT vote for Obama, the press laughs at itself for all voting for him, shameless hussies!

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