Free Hillary! ~Reuters reports Hillary seeks World Bank Presidency


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World Bank President gives markets reality check: ‘unemployment may cause loan defaults’ Gee ya think?!

Seriously. That is the CNBC headline: ‘Unemployment May Cause Loan Defaults in US’. Well that is a keeper for the No Shxt Sherlock files. In other news Water is Wet!

Since it is the World Bank President saying it and not we little people maybe the markets will BUY A FRAKKIN CLUE!



Stubbornly high joblessness threatens to trigger loan defaults and drag on consumption next year, hobbling a U.S. economy struggling to rebound from recession, World Bank President Robert Zoellick said Wednesday.

...”You’re going to have problems with delinquencies of credit card loans, consumer loans, people won’t be able to pay their mortgages,” Zoellick told reporters in Singapore. “Some banks are going to continue to be troubled by bad loans.”

Government stimulus spending will likely fuel economic growth through the middle of next year, Zoellick said. After that, consumer spending and business investment must take the baton to boost expansion, he said.

“If you’ve got large scale unemployment, if you’ve got consumers rebuilding savings and deleveraging, I don’t think the consumer is going to play that role,” he said. “What’s the other source of demand?”

Gee that sounds familiar! Cause we have been saying it here at MiM for OVER A YEAR!!

…Governments should execute existing stimulus packages, but hold off on implementing new ones, he said.

Asian authorities should consider ways to tighten monetary liquidity, such as raising interest rates, before asset price bubbles get out of hand, Zoellick said. Asian stock indexes and some property markets have soared since March….

Can you say China bubble? Hong Kong real estate bubble?

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G20 Notes: Continental Europe is So Tired: Socialist Shoe on The Other Left Foot: French Parliament to Sarkozy: Be More like Obama..Germany’s Merkel, Just Says No to Global Stimulus..

Global Karma Baby, I truly hated watching Sarkozy schmoozing all over nominee Obama during Obamapalooza…now he is fighting off Hopenchange fevah in the form of ‘tax the rich’ legislation at home…

And Angela Merkel, (who had to inform Team Obama is isn’t okay to do a campaign event at the Brandenburg gate) in the land of the thousands of media hyped Obama adoring Berliners, and schmoozy Sarkozy are teaming up to send Timmeh home emptyhanded from the G20...Sounds as though Old Continental Europe is not interested in HopenChange…they are so tired…

Here’s to Old Europe, they are tired of socialism..ironic no?

Background on the G20 failure by Team Obama:

However, Eurozone officials continued to put off a U.S. push for more coordinated government spending to stimulate economies.

Key players in the Eurozone, especially France and Germany, have rejected U.S. demands for spending increases to solve the recession, and said that recovery plans should focus on tighter regulation.

Last weekend’s meeting was intended to set the agenda for the group’s April 2 summit in London, which is being viewed as the acid test to determine whether the world’s leaders can find enough common ground for a solution to the global economic crisis…

Britain, led by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, attempted to bridge divisions between the United States and Europe on the stimulus issue, but was thwarted by Germany, whose officials maintain that fixing the financial system must remain priority one.

It makes no sense to pump more and more money in our economy when we haven’t restored the confidence on the financial market,” German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck told the Associated Press.


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