The Guild S4 coming to Youtube Feb 21st

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Courtesy of TheGuild:

Season 4 of The Guild is finally coming to YouTube on FEB. 21!
Buy Season 4 on DVD:

The Guild deals with the aftermath of defeating the Axis of Anarchy and embarks on their greatest quest ever – to build a Guild Hall in Season 4 of The Guild

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SDCC ’10 ~ The Guild Panel

Go to! and see the Game On video here

Courtesy of TFAWvideos

The Guild panel, where Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, and the rest of the cast answer questions and talk about their new Bollywood-inspired video, “Game On.”

Panel continues after the break:

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Sam Raimi gives an update on his World of Warcraft flick, yes he plays WoW…


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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Preview

IGN has it:

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SciFiWire: Spidey4 dropped!, Raimi and Maguire out! on to WoW!! and hey how bout EvilDead 4!!?!?!?!

Sam Raimi at San Diego Comic Con 2008

Oh! Can we get the World of Warcraft movie now instead?! Awesome!! Oooh! and Evil Dead 4??? Please??? This is like freeing Whedon of Dollhouse, free Sam Raimi! more fantasy! more horror!!


[Updated: Sony has confirmed this news. The new Spider-Man reboot will take the story back to high school and could compete with the next Star Trek, which is due in the summer of 2012! See the full announcement below.]

Seems like the problems hanging up Spider-Man 4 are more serious than previously reported: Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood is now reporting that director Sam Raimi and his entire cast, led by Tobey Maguire, have dropped out and that Sony Pictures will reboot the series with a new director and new cast for 2012.


Here’s how Finke reported it:

Mike Fleming and I have just confirmed that Sony Pictures decided today to reboot the Spider-Man franchise after franchise director Sam Raimi pulled out of Spider-Man 4 because he felt he couldn’t make its summer release date and keep the film’s creative integrity. This means that Raimi and the cast including star Tobey Maguire are out. There will be no Spider-Man 4.Instead, Mike Fleming is told, the studio will focus on a reboot script by Jamie Vanderbilt with a new director and a new cast. All this took place today at meeting on the lot today. An official Sony Pictures news release about it is expected.

Fleming also hears that Raimi could now move on to his proposed World of Warcraft movie, or a film based on Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day….

Go read the entire piece to see Sony’s press release.

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World of Warcraft Patch 3.3 Trailer

Courtesy of koblec

Fall of the Lich King, the latest World of Warcraft content update, is now live! The heroes of the Horde and the Alliance have faced unimaginable horrors and suffered terrible losses in their desperate struggle against the Scourge.


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World of Warcraft: Mr. T commercial – Mohawk Grenade

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Blizzcon 2009 Overview, WoW Panel…

More after the break:


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