Bumped By Rqst: BSG Webisode: Face of the Enemy: Webisode 9 – the missing Number Nine is online -frak yeah!

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Okay, after seeing webisode 9, I no longer think Gaeta is one of the FF, I think Gaeta is going to meet with Zarek (Zarek being the ‘him’ that Hoshi refers to at the end of Webisode 10, when he says ‘of all people, why are you meeting with him?” either it was Zarek or Baltar right?)


So, reviewing that audio clue on You Will Know the Truth, and Webisode 9, I think Gaeta and Zarek plot to take over or do a terrorist style hostage taking or attack to end the Human-Cylon alliance. Gaeta post Number 8 and the reality of what Truly happened on New Caprica, feels the Cylons cannot be trusted,  Zarek wants no part of the alliance either. Baltar is in the audio clue, and Hoshi in that clip says to Adama, they are communicating with Colonial One sir. So that is the President’s ship yes and Baltar clearly isn’t on it ad is trying to talk Gaeta down…

Laura is going to go ballistic at some point based on teasers and Adama is ready to be airlocked..is that why?! Does Kara find something that shows she ‘died’ ? Is Tigh the Poseidon of the old gods, cause I think he would fit that role nicely..Why not go back to Kobol and start over there, prepare to deal with the splinter Cylon faction and move forward with the ‘shape of things to come’..the new hybrid generation…

Can’t wait!

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Oh you MUST WATCH THIS ONE, a reveal of the Gaeta/Baltar conversation during the Baltar Trial and of what really went down with Gaeta and the lists on New Caprica…..

Webisode 10 here

Webisode 8 here

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UPDATE!!! Webisodes 8 and 10 view now, wiki-wiki!! BSG Webisode 7: The Face of the Enemy, Noon EST..

OM- frakin- goodness, watch these quick!! Webisode 9 didn’t make it out….

Many Bothans perished to get us these Webisodes early so WATCH THEM NOW!!

Copyright SciFi…

Webisode 8

Webisode 10

Webisode 7 airs today at noon


If you have been following the clues on YouWillKnowtheTruth.com, the most recent clue, (an audio clip of Gaeta and Baltar) sounds as though Lt Felix Gaeta will play a key role in the last 10 episodes that air on SciFi beginning January 16th…

Go listen to the most recent clue and see what you think…


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