YGN: Twilight: Eclipse Review

Your Geek News ~ Mat and Nat!:

As a film and as an adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling tween romance novels, Eclipse’s director, David Slade, most certainly out-did either of his predecessors. While the love story remains intact to satisfy Nat’s need for any angsty werewolf/vampire/human love triangle, Matt appreciated the clear effort taken to attract a male audience by adding a dark and more violent visual style, that was clearly riffing on actual horror elements for the first time in the series.

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YGN: ‘Kick-Ass’ Review: Brutal, Bloody, Brilliant…

By Matt and Nat, follow them at YourGeekNews/BSGcast:

We couldn’t have been more blown away by Kick-Ass. A top-notch story, great performances, incredible humour and a surprisingly meaty film-going experience were disguised as a goofy superhero comedy by Lionsgate’s one-dimensional advertizing campaign. If you haven’t seen Kick-Ass, and you can take some gruesome violence and potty-mouthed humour, you owe yourself a night out at the movies to let Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar Kick your Ass!

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YourGeekNews: ‘Surrogates’ Review

By the ever-awesome YourGeekNews:

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Did Bruce Willis and Jonathan Mostow do justice to the critically acclaimed five-part comic written by Robert Venditti? You already know from the trailers that the stakes have gone up from the comic plot: now the operators die as well when the surrogates are fried.

But did that ruin the entire motivation of “Steeplejack”? Or does this change in the plot give a whole new and higher message to Surrogates? Check out our review, it’s Spoiler-free at first and then quite Spoileriffic as we examine Surrogates as a standalone film, and then as an adaptation. ~Matt + Nat

And hit http://aComicbookOrange.com for a great interview with Venditti!

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YGN: District 9 Review: Best of Summer?

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From Matt and Nat at YourGeekNews(BSGcast):

Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp have brought us what might be the most significant modern Sci-Fi movie, but have definitely made one of the best movies of 2009. The style manages to challenge today’s media-desensitized audience with a visceral, realistic storytelling aesthetic, along with great characters played by unknown actors, an amazing alternate reality, plus social commentary and action to spare, District 9 is a must-see film in both of our opinions.~Matt + Nat

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YGN: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

Now that Mat and Nat have seen the film what do they think?

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Review by YourGeekNews:

Now that Matt has read all the books along with Nat, the tag-team fury of two Potter-heads trying to review Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as the best film in the series before going on a tirade about the faithlessness of adaptation… well it might just blow your mind as much as it did ours.In any event, we’ve never loved and hated a Potter film more than this one, so keep giving us YOUR thoughts, since we’re all the kind of geeks who were sitting there at 12:01 when the lights went down and the applause began!~Matt + Nat

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YourGeekNews: Watchmen Preview

From Mat and Nat at YGN/BSGcast:

We’ve had our eye on this project for YEARS, literally, and we couldn’t have more anticipation and enthusiasm for this film if we tried. Mostly because we’ve been fans of the graphic novel for as long as we can remember, and the pressure couldn’t be higher for Snyder to deliver a truly great movie from the greatest graphic novel of all time.

So watch our 10-minute preview of Watchmen, complete with cast and crew interviews and LOTS of scenes from the movie, and hit up YourGeekNews.com to let us know what you think!

~Matt +Nat

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