Taylor Lautner hosts SNL December 12th, musical guest Bon Jovi

Yowsa. And this pairing was PERFECT for this spoof, now it’s real, lol. Reality imitating Art again!


“New Moon” star Taylor Lautner will host the Dec. 12 edition of “Saturday Night Live,” NBC has announced.Lautner, who plays Jacob in the hit “Twilight” franchise, will be paired with musical guests Bon Jovi…

Created by http://mstaken.com

This video is our TWILIGHT: NEW MOON fantasy: what if Bella was part Buffy and shredded an epic rock ballad?

The story behind this video is that a while ago we got approached by a young woman who had an idea for a fake engagement ring to ward off douchebags. She asked us to make her a video and we made “Puke In My Mouth” http://youtube.com/watch?v=DJsQcnB6GC0. It was so much fun, we told her we had to make a sequel about Twilight. Hope you guys enjoy – don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe!

-beau, peter and david
the pantless knights

btw, you can submit your favorite douchebag pick-up lines at http://myunwanted.com and we’ll feature the best ones in this video each week!

Created by Pantless Knights
Directed by Peter Furia
Produced by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia
Camera by David Fine
Lyrics by Beau Lewis & Peter Furia
Instrumental Produced by Taylor Locke
Vocals by Erica Sunshine Lee
Costumes by Vanessa Johnston
Make-Up by Katie Furia

Michelle Nunes as “Bella Swan
Beau Lewis as “Edward Cullen”
Judd Eliasoph as “Jacob Black”
Peter Furia as “Jasper Cullen” and “Felix”
Jay Iyengar as “Laurent”
Debbie Glasband as “Victoria”
Amy Barth as “Biker Vampire”
Arthur Soroken as “Aro”
Noah Lichtenstein as “Caius”
Katie Furia as “Jane”
Christy Von der Ahe as “Alice Cullen”
Finn Kelly as “Carlisle Cullen”
Amanda Boggs as “Esme Cullen”
Andrew Kitchell as “Werewolf #2”
Arjun Banker as “Werewolf #3”

All alone, oh how things have changed
Edward is gone, but these feelings remain.
Im horny now, and I have been all along
I ride this bike, and I wear this thong.
Im a cowgirl, on a Vampire I ride,
Unwanted, undead or alive x2

Jake is nice, until he spits his game
All the people I meet, always want to suck my veins,
Can’t they see this Miss is Taken,
my ring sparkles like his face,
Now Ive had enough, its time to rock this place
I’m a cowgirl, on a vampire I ride
Unwanted, undead or alive x2

Ohhhh I ride!!
[Guitar Solo]
I’m a cowgirl, on a vampire I ride
Unwanted, undead or alive

I walk these streets, at the front of a werewolf pack
Eddie’s about to die, and now it’s time to take him back
I’m in Italy, [Awww yeeeaahhh!] Volturi sausage fest
They’re gonna let us go, cuz were not like all the rest.
I’m a cowgirl, on a vampire I ride
Unwanted, undead or alive x3




You can also get the song/album on iTunes – just search for “Unwanted” by Ms. Taken

© Pantless Knights / Seedwell 2009
Contact us at info[at]seedwell.com

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  1. Jacob Black replied:

    Cool spoof. Loving it!!!


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