A Drop of True Blood…mini episodes to air beginning May 2nd

mini episodes each week after May 2nd…yay!

If you own a Kindle you know Penguin is in a fight to the death with Amazon over the pricing of Charlaine Harris’ new Southern Vampire books so those of us who pre-ordered the next Sookie release for 9.99 saw it vanish off our lists…frakkin Penguin!

The publisher,( thanks Apple you Ipad toolz!), is trying to rework its deal with AMZN to mirror the one they made with Apple. Now there is no Kindle version listed available. But notice the hardcover price is the same 9.99, heh.

And the publisher is resisting 9.99 for the ebook version? stoopid! I can order a big bunch of books at once and hit the AMZN $25= free shipping and then loan my hardcover around and the publisher makes less than if they let us have the ebook for 9.99! dunces… I will wait it out b/c I simply do not have any more shelf space, thus the Kindle…

I am backing AMZN on this one..but glad I will have some True Blood to fill the void until June!

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