True Blood Season 3 Drinking Game – Premiere Tonight 8:45pm EST

Courtesy of HBO

True Blood drinking game- courtesy of Neon Fiction ~ modified for S3~{beware alcohol poisoning, don’t drink and drive and DO be responsible}

Jason is shirtless — drink
Jason is obviously gratuitously shirtless — drink two
Jason is screwing someone — drink
Jason is consumed by guilt because he finally really killed someone — drink
Jason gets insulted by Andy — drink
Jason lacks a comeback for Andy — drink
Jason manages a comeback to Andy — Celebrate! Keep on drinking!
Jason does something outrageously stupid and macho — drink
Jason gets manipulated by someone — drink

Tara cusses someone out — drink
Tara bitches about her life — drink
Tara bitches at Sookie– drink twice
Tara gives it up to Vampire King of MO — Keep on drinking and cuss Tara out.

Bill does something dorky — drink
Bill does something old-fashioned — drink and offer any guests a Fresca.
Bill says “Sook-ay” and sounds like Elvis as he does — drink twice
Bill is filled with angst — drink
Bill shows skin — drink
Bill shows fang — drink twice and remember to recycle the bottle.
Bill sinks fang  — keep on drinking

Sam pines for Sookie — drink
Sam pines for a family — drink
Sam gets a family– drink twice
Sam gets a girl– keep on drinking!
Sam gets yelled at by Sookie — sulk and drink
Sam gets yelled at by Tara — drink
Sam gets yelled at by any female — drink
Sam changes to the dog — drink
Dog changes back to Sam and we get a skin shot of Sam — drink twice and say “He’s no Jason, but he’s alright.”

Lafayette wears lipstick/nail polish or some sort of makeup — drink
Lafayette flirts with a girl — drink
Lafayette flirts with a guy — drink twice
Lafayette flirts with a VAMPIRE — drink
Lafayette trusts Pam — drink
Lafayette gets screwed by Pam — drink twice
Lafayette shows skin — drink
Lafayette puts someone in their place — drink and call your friend a hooker.

Sookie yells at Eric– drink
Sookie yells at Bill — drink
Sookie gives some love to Bill — drink twice
Sookie gives it up to Eric — drink twice
Sookie gives Eric neck — keep on drinking and take your B12 vitamin
Sookie gives it up to Alcide — drink
Sookie hears someone’s thoughts — drink and resist the urge to adjust your surround sound
Sookie wears short-shorts — drink
Sookie shows ample flesh — keep on drinking and say “I guess it’s been a long time since “The Piano” but it’s still a little weird.”

TERRY BELLEFLEUR does something endearingly kooky — drink
ANDY BELLEFLEUR gets pissed at not being taken seriously — drink
JESSICA compares BILL unfavorably to ERIC — drink and say “Amen.”
Anyone compares BILL unfavorably to ERIC — drink twice
ERIC does something to trump BILL — drink
ALCIDE does something to trump BILL/ERIC — drink
ALCIDE gets the upper hand with ANY VAMPIRE — drink twice
PAM wears dominatrix garb — drink
PAM wears a sweater-outfit — drink twice
Any VAMPIRE gets staked — drink
Any VAMPIRE gets staked and explodes on a human — drink and put on some silver jewelry
Anyone does V — toast and drink
ARLENE whines to Sam about work — drink
Any random gratuitous sex scene — drink and praise HBO
Any random gratuitous blood scene — take a big chug of the Tru Blood and praise HBO
Werewolves shows up — drink
Werewolves devour a vamp –drink
ANYONE says “FANGBANGER” — toast and drink
ANY sort of NEW FUCKED UP THING appears — Keep on drinking and praise Charlaine Harris
ANY character suffers some sort of humiliation that’s funny — Keep on drinking and praise Alan Ball

The Drinks:

Red Headed Slut ~1 part Crown Royal, 1 part Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice – mix in shaker, serve over ice

Bloody Mary ~ 1 part vodka, Tomato Juice, splash of Tabasco, splash of Worchester, a little horseradish, slice of lime – mix Vodka and Tomato Juice, and serve over ice with splash of Tabasco and Worchester. Mix in horseradish for kick, Garnish with celery stick

The Classic Vampire ~ Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Chambord. 1 part Vodka, 1 part juice, splash of Chambord.

Red Death~ Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Sloe Gin, OJ, Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime Juice. Mix one part of each in a cocktail mixer with ice. Strain into shot glasses, serve. (warning goes down like Fruit Punch!)

Blood Bath ~ 4 oz Medium dry red wine, one shot of Chambord, healthy splash of Cranberry juice. mix all ingredients in bartender shaker. Chill martini glass. Shake ingredients. Strain and pour.

Bloody Bud ~ Budweiser, Grenadine, Blood Orange. Pour 1/2 oz Grenadine into glass, fill with Budweiser. garnish with Blood Orange.

Vampire Slammer ~ 2 bottles Tru-Blood, 1/2 shot vodka, 1 shot Tequila, 1 glass red wine. Mix in blender, heat to 98.6 degrees over open flame, serve (not for home use!)

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New Obama motto: If at first you don’t succeed, spend, spend again. Wants *ANOTHER* $50B in bailouts…

Our sign at the Tax Day Tea Party April 15th '09, now 15 months later and they have no plan other than throwing more money around

Lesson from the massive MISSPENT stimulus not learned. The states didn’t tighten their belts and now they are out of money again.

Calculated Risk:

From Jackie Calmes and Sheryl Gay Stolberg at the NY Times: Obama Presses for Aid to Cities and States

President Obama on Saturday implored Congress to provide more aid to states and cities to blunt “the devastating economic impact of budget cuts” by local governments that imperil the jobs of teachers, the police, firefighters and other public employees.

In a letter to Democratic and Republican Congressional leaders, Mr. Obama said the “mounting employment crisis” in the states “could set back the pace of our economic recovery.” … education secretary, Arne Duncan, has said that without federal aid, up to 300,000 fewer teachers would be in classrooms this fall …

We the people have been IMPLORING Congress to STOP SPENDING for over a year now…

The INCREASE in Medicaid enrollment was UNAFFORDABLE. But in AZ when we tried to ROLL BACK our Medicaid enrollment we were told we will LOSE the FED $ if we do.

This $50B bailout Obama wants represents those same federal dollars, the ones that *aren’t THERE!* Let them vote it down and we can cut the enrollment and start getting back on a sustainable path….

PS in AZ apparently kids of illegal immigrants are dropping out of our overpopulated, bursting with English as a Second Language classes (which courts mandate we fund).

So IOW, less kids right? So we can afford less teachers….keep your money D.C. you’re gonna need it, cuz NO WAY, NO HOW, NO VAT.

…• Mesa Public Schools, the state’s largest unified district, has 67,749 students, and Latino students make up 37.5 percent. It anticipates a decrease of 1,500 students, similar to losses over the past four years. It blames a combination of new immigration laws, including SB 1070, and the recession.

• Paradise Valley Unified District in Phoenix, where nearly a quarter of its 33,431 students are Latino, hasn’t seen a large drop in total enrollment.

“A lot of our students go to Mexico for the summer, and we’re speculating they may not come back,” spokeswoman Judi Willis said. “But we don’t know.”

• Enrollment at Glendale Union High School District, where about half of its 14,940 students are Latino, has held steady, but the number of students signing up for English-language summer school has fallen. High-school districts are less likely to feel the loss because older kids are more likely to stay behind with friends and relatives, said Craig Pletenik, spokesman for Phoenix Union High School, where more than three-fourths of the district’s 25,083 students are Latino. “Our kids are older, and closer to the educational finish line.” The district hasn’t seen a dip in enrollment….

AZ already voted to raise our sales taxes ‘temporarily’, lol, to help Gov Brewer fill the massive hole Napolitano left. Let the states work these matters out for themselves, the way we families do when things are tight. Sorry Unions, we are NOT reimbursing you for the millions you spend in electioneering.

PS Sheriff Joe is still out ENFORCING THE LAWS OF AZ. Betcha the next stat we see drop will be AZ UE rate as AZ Teens find jobs now that they are available to them…

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies on Saturday served search warrants on two Sizzler steak houses in Phoenix suspected of employing illegal immigrants.

According to a statement from Lt. Brian Lee, deputies arrested nine employees who they believe are using fraudulent identification to gain employment….

…Saturday’s arrests followed a year-long investigation into a tip from a former manager who claims he was fired by the restaurant for being unwilling to hire employees without proper identification, Lee said…

And more state laws are coming:

..We learned recently that state Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, will propose a law that would deny a birth certificate to any child born in Arizona to non-citizen parents.

Now, along with other legislators, Pearce says he will introduce a law requiring students who are here illegally to pay tuition or be kicked out of public schools.

“They shouldn’t be a burden,” Pearce recently told the Capitol Times. “You don’t have a right to be a non-resident of this state and take advantage of the taxpayers of this state.”…

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