Call Your Congress Critters!!! House Budget Vote Tonight…

From RedState via Instapundit...

We need to get the Blue Dog Democrats to slow down budget approval in the House of Representatives. The vote in committee is tonight.



CALL 202-224-3121.

Ask for one of these five Congressmen:

1. Alan Boyd of Florida

2. Bob Etheridge of North Carolina

3. Charlie Melancon of Louisiana

4. Chet Edwards of Texas

5. John Yarmuth of Kentucky

Tell them to vote no on the budget tonight. We can stop the budget if you will pick up your phone right now. The vote is tonight. See Paul Ryan in this video clip point out that Obama’s budget runs afoul of even European socialist rules:

Go to RS for the video, Please call your CRITTERS.

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Fantasy Film: Where the Wild Things Are (Trailer)..

Trailer courtesy of GlobalMovieTrailers:

Maurice Sendak’s classic book “Where the Wild Things Are” comes to the big screen in an adventure tale for every generation.


The movie stars Catherine Keener, Max Records, Mark Ruffalo, Lauren Ambrose, James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara and Forest Whitaker and is slated to open on Oct. 16.

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TOTUS goes Big Screen…



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Stimulus Unemployment Benefits Update: VA, FL, ME, OH, IN…

Updates on how states’ legislators are moving on the UE benefits money in the stimulus:

OH: (TimesBulletin)

…Ohio is one of 13 states plus the District of Columbia that is missing out on federal stimulus funding for extended unemployment benefits. State legislators would have to make a change in the law to make those who have reached the end of their already-extended unemployment benefits eligible for up to 20 more weeks of benefits.

A provision in the stimulus bill would cover the extension of benefits beyond the first phase of 26 weeks and the second phase of 33 weeks, but that provision kicks in only for states that average more than 6.5 percent unemployment in a three-month period. Those states would receive funding for 13 weeks of benefits, and if the rate clears 8.0 percent for a three-month period, another 7 weeks are available.

…, 16 states and Puerto Rico already qualify for the extended benefits program under one of the program’s provisions: Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Alaska, Connecticut, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Washington qualify for 13 weeks of benefits.

Oregon and Rhode Island already qualify for 20 weeks of extended benefits. As a result, about 405,000 workers in those states will qualify for extended benefits when their EUC benefits expire between now and June.

States that would have to change law to allow workers to receive the extended benefits besides Ohio are: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, and Tennessee.


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Market Update: New Home Sales Kickin It Higher….

Oh yeah baby! DOW climbing higher off the news, now up 175 to 7835 S& P up 16 to 822, NAS up 31 to 1548…

As prices fall the ole free market is correcting bringing in buyers…


Sales of newly built U.S. single-family homes unexpectedly rose at their fastest pace in 10 months in February, while prices fell by a record margin from a year ago, a government report showed on Wednesday.

The Commerce Department said sales rose 4.7 percent to a 337,000 annual pace, the fastest increase since April last year, from an upwardly revised 322,000 in January.

Despite the increase, February sales were the second lowest ever after the drop in January to the slowest pace in records going back to 1963, the department said.

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Update: Spratt Budget Opening Remarks…Market Mover Wednesday: Congressional Budget…

They begin with, it’s all Bush’s fault, and it’s all downhill from there, the House is hopeless, but Conrad in the Senate looks to be slicing away at some of the spending spree..sounds like Spratt is on Xanax….maybe Pelosi doped him to get him to Just Say Yes….

Congress to release its version of Teh Budget today…..

AP aka Hack Central:

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., announced a budget blueprint Tuesday that would scrap Obama’s signature tax cut after 2010 while employing some sleight of hand to cut the annual budget deficit to a sustainable level….

they still promise to award big budget increases to education and clean energy programs, while assuming Obama’s plans to overhaul the U.S. health care system advance……

It’s also becoming clear that Obama’s controversial global warming initiative has experienced a setback, as neither House nor Senate Democrats are directly incorporating into their budget plans Obama’s controversial “cap-and-trade” system for auctioning permits to emit greenhouse gases.

In the House, Budget Chairman John Spratt Jr., D-S.C., said his companion blueprint would employ fast-track procedures to allow Obama’s overhaul of the U.S. health care system to pass Congress without the threat of a GOP filibuster in the Senate….

Neither budget includes Obama’s $250 billion set-aside for more bailouts of banks and other firms.

They have a web page, good grief!

Timetable on budget is here

HA!! They finish on TAX DAY the day of our big TEA PARTY HA!!

First Monday in February- President submits budget to Congress.
February 15 -Congressional Budget Office submits economic and budget
outlook report to Budget Committees.
Six weeks after President
submits budget- Committees submit views and estimates to Budget Committees.
April 1 -Senate Budget Committee reports budget resolution.
April 15- Congress completes action on budget resolution.

Mortgage rates are falling 15 yr is around 4.43 and 30 yr 4.64 ish…..

Think anyone informed TOTUS the dollar has actually been falling? Yeah probably not.

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Video: Paul Krugman on Geithner Toxic Asset Plan…

Bloomberg has the exclusive in-depth with Krugman, including a response to Summers’ take on Paul’s position:

Exclusive Interview with Nobel Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman (Bloomberg News)

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