KISS: 35 Years…

Our previous post on the new KISS album Sonic Boom here.

Happy Anniversary KISS

Created by Sapov

The band appeared via satellite on Fox and Friends today:

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Breaking: House votes to defund ACORN…

No Soup for you ACORN!!!

Update: Publius at BG has the scoop:

Rep. Darrell Issa  (R-CA) offered the Defund-ACORN bill to the Student Loans bill.  The House vote convincingly to cut ALL federal funds to ACORN.

Vote: 345 to 75.  Complete results here.

Update: Roll Call vote courtesy of BG commenter wtfci. Ahh they added it in an Amendment to the Student Loan Bill changes?

Don’t tell me that 912 had no impact. Pelosi tried ignoring this last night as did the PseudoElite Intellectual Media. But 2 young Americans, Breitbart and the rest of the actual ‘mainstream’ media did their job. Critters saw all those Americans, and the calls are having an impact now. Righteous.

Breaking on Big Government

345 yays
75 nays?

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Update: Sen Kyl ‘dangerous and short-sighted’;Lech Walesa; TOTUS abandons Eastern European Allies, scraps Missile Shield…


Lech Walesa says it all:

…”It’s not good,” said former Polish president and Solidarity leader Lech Walesa.

And TOTUS just told these folks in APRIL he was behind the shield:

..In April in Prague, Obama said Washington would proceed with developing the system as long as Iran posed a threat to U.S. and European security…

He will throw ANYONE under the bus at ANYTIME for ANY REASON. No world leader will trust us to keep our word now and why should they?

Update 12:11pm EST:  Mrs MiM here. Well. I am ready to leave the last vestiges of my Democratness, my Clintons, if Hillary doesnt figure out a way to step down asap. This is just unacceptable to support this clearly WEAK policy, this ‘atonement’ (for having the audacity to keep the world as free as we are able), this capitulation, this appeasement of big bullies at the expense of our allies and ourselves

Hillary get out of there. Staying IMO is ENABLING this. What is Gates thinking?

More good news on this – Biden says we are backing off shields b/c Iran is ‘not a threat’ WTH?!?! From Ed at HotAir:

Why has the Obama administration decided to toss eastern Europe under the bus in order to make nice with Russia?  According to CNN, Joe Biden says that a missile-defense system in Europe isn’t really necessary, because Iran isn’t much of a threat.  No, really:

Vice President Joe Biden earlier refused to confirm to CNN that the George W. Bush-era plan was being shelved. But he did explain the logic of doing so, saying Iran — a key concern for the United States — was not a threat.

“I think we are fully capable and secure dealing with any present or future potential Iranian threat,” he told CNN’s Chris Lawrence in Baghdad, where he is on a brief trip.

Update: Well this commentator in the Telegraph is upset about it, let me ask you Europe, what did you think you would get when you kept pushing Obama as the greatest thing on Earth? Hillary and MAC were the hawks in the race, but all you cared about then was ‘race’. This is what you wanted isn’t it, a friendlier, open handed (ie weaker) less involved America? Our poor allies.

(…)This is bad news for all who care about the US commitment to the transatlantic alliance and the defence of Europe as well as the United States. It represents the appalling appeasement of Russian aggression and a willingness to sacrifice American allies on the altar of political expediency. A deal with the Russians to cancel missile defence installations sends a clear message that even Washington can be intimidated by the Russian bear.

What signal does this send to Ukraine, Georgia and a host of other former Soviet satellites who look to America and NATO for protection from their powerful neighbour? The impending cancellation of Third Site is a shameful abandonment of America’s friends in eastern and central Europe, and a slap in the face for those who actually believed a key agreement with Washington was worth the paper it was written on.(…)

With friends like TOTUS, who needs enemies? WSJ has it. Well I always said he was Carter on Steroids and now he is taking Eastern Europe back to pre Reagan status isn’t he?

The White House will shelve Bush administration plans to build a missile-defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic, a move likely to cheer Moscow and roil the security debate in Europe.

…Russia on Thursday welcomed the news, but said it saw no reason to offer concessions in return.

Oh good we are abandoning our allies for nothing.

The decision to shelve the defense system is all but certain to raise alarms in Eastern Europe, where officials have expressed concerns that the White House’s effort to “reset” relations with Moscow would come at the expense of U.S. allies in the former Soviet bloc. “The Poles are nervous,” said a senior U.S. military official.

Earlier, a Polish official said his government wouldn’t “speculate” on administration decisions regarding missile defense, but said “we expect the U.S. will abide by its commitments” to cooperate with Poland militarily in areas beyond the missile-defense program….

After the Fire courtesy of poisondoor

Falco courtesy of Fritz5130

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Market Mover Thursday: August Housing construction up, weekly jobless claims falls, continuing claims rise…


CNBC is ecstatic, MiM was hoping new housing construction would stay low so we could, you know, work off some foreclosure inventory. The seasonally adjusted weekly jobless claims are down, last week revised up (again and this week will no doubt be raised up next week, !) Don’t forget the double dip, mind the gap following 3Q earnings season folks….just MiM’s opinion…

The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for jobless benefits unexpectedly fell last week, data on Thursday showed, while there was a rise in the number of those still on the benefit rolls after an initial week of aid.

Meanwhile, new U.S. housing starts and permits rose in August to their highest level since November, lifted by a rebound in multifamily homes.Initial claims for state unemployment insurance declined to a lower-than-expected seasonally adjusted 545,000 in the week ended Sept 12 from 557,000 the week before, the Labor Department said.

CNBC not talking much about the continuing claims which rose far higher than forecast:

Continued claims of people still on jobless aid after an initial week of benefits increased by 129,000 to 6.230 million in the week ending Sept 5, the latest for which data is available. It was the largest one week gain since late June, when continued claims advanced by 180,000. Analysts had forecast continued claims would be 6.10 million…

The delta for continuing claims is still headed in the wrong direction…maybe Congress could focus on JOBS and not health care…just a suggestion…

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Baucus’ Health Care Bill: One is the Loneliest Number…

Mashup by HootyMcBoon

Update: Politico has the backlash to Baucus’ plan from fellow Dem Rockefeller (D-WVA). It was reported that Rockefeller was summoned to the WH at 400pm last night wonder what they said, lol! I suspect they told Rockefeller not to get his panties in atwist that they would be SURE to add an amendment in conference that exempt union plans or otherwise has taxpayers carrying the burden of those high dollar plans…frakkers….

Max Baucus was all alone at that presser announcing his bill yesterday, not one Dem and not one GOP member stood with him..Still unsure why they aren’t going for Wyden Bennett Bill when Baucus gets us halfway there but without the cosponsors…

The WSJ OpEd page DESTROYS Baucus’ plan today…

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus finally unveiled his health-care plan yesterday to a chorus of bipartisan jeers. The reaction is surprising given that President Obama all but endorsed the outlines of the Baucus plan last week. But the hoots are only going to grow louder as more people read what he’s actually proposing….


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