Update: Video – GOP wants gag order removed; CBO tells Senate panel Humana is right & TOTUS is wrong (lies?!): Medicare Advantage benefits will be reduced under Baucus Bill…

Doug Elmendorf still hanging tough and telling the truth. I love this guy. He says today yes Medicare Advantage benefits are likely to be reduced. Gee guess Humana is in good company with CBO on their mailer then aren’t they? CMS and HHS better back the hexx off Humana then.

“It is wholly inappropriate for insurance companies to mislead seniors regarding any subject—particularly on a subject as important to them, and to the nation, as health-care reform,” Mr. Baucus said in a statement yesterday, playing the role of Congressional censor. “The health-care reform bill we released last week strengthens Medicare and does not cut benefits covered under the Medicare program—and seniors need to know that.”

In fact, the Baucus draft legislation slashes $123 billion over the next decade from Medicare Advantage, which Democrats hate despite the fact that almost one-fourth of beneficiaries have chosen it over traditional fee-for-service Medicare. One reason seniors like it is because private insurers focus on quality and preventive care and try to manage benefits, as opposed to simply paying bills.

100 BILLION they plan to cut from Medicare Advantage. OF COURSE the plans will drop out and/or cut bennies. So no more eye exam or hearing exam for you Granny! Tell your Seniors!


Congress’ chief budget officer is contradicting President Barack Obama’s oft-stated claim that seniors wouldn’t see their Medicare benefits cut under a health care overhaul.The head of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf, told senators Tuesday that seniors in Medicare’s managed care plans would see reduced benefits under a bill in the Finance Committee.

The bill would cut payments to the Medicare Advantage plans by more than $100 billion over 10 years.

Elmendorf said the changes would reduce the extra benefits that would be made available to beneficiaries.

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NRO – ‘Senate GOP goes after NEA’


A senior GOP Senate aide tells NRO that Senate Republicans on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, led by Chairman Mike Enzi, are about to send a letter to NEA chief Rocco Landesman requesting “that [he] provide the Committee with information about the Agency’s involvement in [conference calls made on August 10 and August 27, 2009] and the use of taxpayer dollars for purposes other than promoting the arts and how you will prevent this from happening in the future. Please provide the NEA’s response no later than close of business on September 28, 2009.”

Another SCORE for Big Government. com! A hit! A palpable hit! How long before we sink that battleship :0)

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Gamer News: James Cameron stars in…Cloverbrawl!

LOL!!!! H/T SciFiWire

Created by SeakittenCollective:

Four Months after the release of Little Big Revenge, Seakitten Collective, in cooperation with Munkeh Productions has made a worthy followup to the previously mentioned sackboy carnage. The premise? What if ALL videogame characters came to life in a Cloverfield-esque way? The end result is a 20 minute short that, if liked, will become episodic. All FX have been done inhouse and Music has been custom made by Nic De Houwer. This movie is a product by gamers, for gamers! Enjoy!

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Update: McChrystal troop request to go to the WH this week – Tick Tock Barack; Memo to TOTUS: The CiC cannot vote ‘present’

Update: 9/23- Reports that the McChrystal troop request WILL be sent to the WH Gates no later than the end of this week. (where it will sit til TOTUS  ‘is ready’ to receive it- no word on why our troops should have to wait that long).  Double whammy – Gen Petraeus today states he fully supports and concurs with McChrystal’s assessment and troop request.  Also chiming in with agreement Admiral Mullen Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Back to you Barack...TICK TOCK TICK TOCK….

Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. David Petraeus, commander of Central Command, have sent letters to Defense Secretary Robert Gates endorsing Gen. Stan McChrystal, NPR’s Tom Bowman has learned from someone familiar with the letters…

At least one key Democrat supports McChrystal:

In a letter to the president Tuesday, Rep. Ike Skelton (D-Mo.), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, threw his support behind McChrystal.

“The final approach would be a real counter-insurgency plan that is properly resourced—including both U.S. and allied military forces and civilian experts—to carry out the strategy you announced in March,” Skelton wrote. “The elements of such a plan are well known, although the implementation will be challenging. I believe that General McChrystal’s recent assessment outlines a way to do this with the best chance of success.’…

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Twofer Tuesday: MIB Style

Created by HowItShouldHaveEnded.com. Courtesy of party247sometimes

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LOST University: lost101

Our previous post on LOST University here

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‘Barney Fife’ Stock Market Ready for a pullback: Bill Gross

LOL, Axelrasputin and TOTUS practice the preamble? BWAAAHAAAAAA!!!

When PIMCO speaks, the Fed listen, lol. ‘With nearly $1 trillion assets under management, Gross runs the largest bond fund in the world at Pimco.’

Vodpod videos no longer available.

William Gross, of Pimco; Robert Doll, of BlackRock; and Daniel Tishman, of Tishman Construction, share their market insight.

“We’ve got a Barney Fife market. Not sure what Barney would say about the market—you could imagine some sort of goofy, speculative market running far too high,” Gross said in a live interview. “We think the market…is due for a pullback or setback only because it’s gone so far and economic growth cannot go so far.”

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Mark Levin & Glenn Beck

M’kaaaay. What is Glenn trying to say? He thinks TOTUS is the same as MAC? He thinks MAC would’ve been WORSE than TOTUS? This from the guy who is telling us nightly that TOTUS is trying to take over the country and shred the Constitution. I call BS. Hopefully we will get clarification today.

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